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YSO Episode 4: Aspen Trees

YSO Episode 4: Aspen Trees
Starting with soft warm gray background created with burnt umber, ultramarine blue, and a bit of gesso. -Using #4 Dynasty Brush, use ultramarine blue, burnt umber, touch of gesso (white) to create the charcoal gray (2-3 shades darker than your background). Jerry skims w/same brush at an angle ... then uses technique to create bark and tree structure. -Next still with #4 Dynasty brush, Jerry begins adding various values of light ... creating a 'chunky' effect on trunk of tree. (Optional to use #2 Dynasty brush.) -Next Jerry shows how to create 'eyes' on tree, switch to #4 round sable using burnt umber, ultramarine blue -- to make dark mix. -Switch to #2 Dynasty to use short, choppy strokes and go to next level of light. -Next using gesso (white) with a small amount of cad yellow, add next level of light. Bring light up as many levels as you like. -Leaves are next and Jerry uses scumbling technique. First using a white conte pencil to lay out outline of leaves. Then use #10 bristle brush to establish a light source (Jerry's is coming in from the right-hand side). Jerry is illustrating an autumn setting so he uses burnt sienna, burnt umber, little purple, and little cad yellow (hookers green optional) for warmness. Jerry illustrates a tapping technique and starts from inside working way out -- making nice pockets of negative space. -Next Jerry uses #4 script liner brush to add limbs with dark gray, blue and brown. -Now Jerry adds highlights and texture with the #10 bristle brush using burnt sienna with small bit of cad orange and cad yellow. -Jerry adds final bright gold and yellow highlights being careful not to lose the pockets of negative space. -One last tip on adding grass.

Length: 00:38:21
Canvas Size: Not Applicable
Painting Medium: Not Applicable
Date Released On:  9/21/2013
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner

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