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YSO Episode 3: Adobe Stucco Wall

YSO Episode 3: Adobe Stucco Wall
-Start with a gray background created with burnt umber, white, and a little ultramarine blue. Jerry explains how to create texture. Using the #6 bristle brush uses scumbling technique for under-painting and blocking in value system. -Still using #6 bristle, adds a base to the structure. Jerry uses hair dryer to make sure layers are dry. -Using burnt umber, cad orange, and cad yellow begins process of building adobe - scumbling in every direction to make wall look 'old and worn out' creating value two. -Jerry keeps bringing this layer up lighter (3rd value) illustrating how to leave some of previous layer showing through. -Burnt umber, purple, and darken a selected area/s to show a 'broken' spot/s where bricks will appear through. -Jerry adds highlights in the 4th level -- using his mottling technique. -Using #2 Dynasty Brush, Jerry adds rusty-looking bricks. Switch to #4 bristle to clean up brick/stone work. Then use #4 script-liner brush to make cracks/broken spots in the wall. -Jerry shows final highlighting technique to create a 3D effect. Using toothbrush and warm browns, splatter inside wall to add softness and texture. -Using #6 Dynasty, clean up edges and create stones around edges and add definition. Add finishing brush strokes still with #6 Dynasty to give appearance of a structure that was created with the tools only available to workers of this Old World era.

Length: 00:34:14
Canvas Size: Not Applicable
Painting Medium: Not Applicable
Date Released On:  9/21/2013
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner

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