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YSO Episode 2: Brushes Overview 101

YSO Episode 2: Brushes Overview 101
Jerry overviews all 7 of his signature brushes: hake brush; sable script liner; #4, #6, and #10 bristle brushes (he mentions #2 bristle even though this brush isn't part of his signature set); #4 flat sable and #4 round sable. He also talks about the 4 Dynasty Brushes that he uses which are synthetic and refers to as "chisel- or "clean-edge" brushes. History of each brush; why they do what they do; and common questions which we are often asked, i.e., why does the hake brush shed? Why do the bristles separate or twist? Why you shouldn't use cheap brushes for fine art techniques. Sable versus nylon? Cleaning techniques and more! A great video to watch for all your questions on brushes answered.

Length: 00:23:36
Canvas Size: Not Applicable
Painting Medium: Not Applicable
Date Released On:  1/1/2012
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner

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