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608 Tuscan Serenade, Part 2 of 2

Focusing on the poppy field, Jerry adds three layers of flowers in the foreground.  Each layer gets more detailed and has larger and more distinctively shaped flowers.  The poppies in the front of the painting have definitive shapes and are created using broad, loose strokes with a chiseled edge brush.  Variations of color are added to the poppy fields, and hotspots are added in the middle ground.  The last step is to add the final highlights to the flowers and the villa to create shape and interest.  Cast shadows are also added to provide drama and authenticity to the painting.  Final details such as birds and trees can be added as needed to provide life to the painting.

Length: 00:28:15
Canvas Size: Not Applicable
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  9/16/2013
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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