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507 Southwest Serenade part 1 of 2

(16x20 Acrylic)  This Southwest painting of the Red Rock Canyons featuring close-up rock formations is a snow scene that uses a warm color scheme.  Jerry starts with a tinted gray canvas and begins by blocking in the sky with a turquoise blue and transitioning into an orange glow on the horizon.  Both the sky and the sunset colors are reflected into the river in the foreground.  Next, the layering begins of the distant mountains, using the Hake brush.  The closer rock formations are then blocked in using a No. 10 bristle brush with a very dark mixture.  Reflections are then added into the water using dry brush blending.  The snow is added to the embankment, drifting it up to the rock foundations, creating small pockets.  Highlights are then added to the rocks to create the formations, and bushes and distant trees are added as part of the homework assignment.

Length: 00:28:15
Canvas Size: 16x20
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  9/16/2013
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner

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