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1809 Desert Miracle, Part 1

Acrylic Medium,18x24 Gallery Wrap. This is a painting that Jerry completely composes on camera – he has no previously created composite and he challenges his students to try painting this way versus copying. Adding another subject to Jerry’s collection of instructional paintings from each State, this tribute is about Arizona! Specifically, a 70-mile drive in a section of country between Payson to Tempe and NE Phoenix that’s full of life and color – very beautiful. Jerry uses reference material that he photographed while traveling in the area, and these photos include the lovely “Saguaro” cactus which is now a protected plant. Jerry uses a white charcoal pencil and begins placing lines which suggest the layers of mountains, cactus, rock formations, dry wash, brush, flowers, etc. Jerry scumbles in the sky with #6 bristle brush. Next, Jerry places a few clouds in the background. Then Jerry adds the first mountains in the distance with rugged shapes plus blocks in area which will become drifted area of sand and dirt.

Length: 00:27:49
Canvas Size: 16x24 Gallery Wrap
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  12/23/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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