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1805 Appaloosa Beauty, Part 1

Acrylic Medium. 16x20 Gallery Wrap Canvas. Another beautiful and often-requested subject which is a vast part of our history the horse. This particular breed is the Appaloosa and Jerry uses reference material from his personal reference library. First Jerry starts with the #12 bristle brush and starts at the top using a scrubbing method which creates a beautiful mottled background to include transition values. Jerry emphasizes the importance of creating soft edges so there are no hard lines left. This entire episode is primarily dedicated to the underpainting process. You should have 3 value changes. Now with #6 bristle brush and starting at top Jerry begins skimming surface to get a nice, lighter value across top of painting feathering it into your mid value.

Length: 00:27:49
Canvas Size: 16x20 Gallery Wrap
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  12/1/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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