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1801 The Roost , Part 1

Acrylic painting, 16x20 stretched canvas, Vertical format. A subject which is constantly requested from Jerry’s students around the World: chickens. Jerry shows his ‘chicken’ reference material and provides at a very quick, high-level a valuable copyright tip. This painting includes chickens in a barnyard, a predominant rooster, perch, and more. Starts with a grayed canvas which is simply a small amount of Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber, a little blue and gesso to “kill” the white canvas. With #10 or #12 bristle brush Jerry begins with white gesso to opaque the colors. Jerry uses several colors in a scumbling fashion quickly as he illustrates creation of the mottled background. Now uses hake brush and the X strokes -- barely skimming surface. Now Jerry sketches main rooster, door to hen house, etc. Uses chisel-edge #6 to block in coop door, adding wood grain with a skimming technique. Next a little work on the foundation of the coop with sideways, chunky strokes. Jerry blocks in porch next. Now with same brush Jerry inserts darker value using once again the mottling/scumbling technique. Jerry shows how to add strokes for straw.

Length: 00:27:49
Canvas Size: Acrylic
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  10/25/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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