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1608 Church in the Wildwood, Part 3 of 4

In the third of 4 episodes in “Church in the Wildwood”, a complete study painting, Jerry continues underpainting and most of the focus is on the church building. Then Jerry uses #4 chisel-edge brush to begin work on the church sides, roof, and steeple. Now uses either the #4 flat sable or #2 chisel-edge brush for overhanging shadow (makes roof appear to be protruding outward).With #6 bristle brush Jerry creates shadow to show melting effect along road. With #10 bristle, Jerry illustrates placing dark brush (eye-stopper) in right corner of painting – carefully not to cover entire area. Jerry sketches in large tree next with special emphasis on limb and blocks tree in. Last technique is adding light to make building appear old and washed- out, and adding snow on ridge.

Length: 00:27:47
Canvas Size: 18X24 Horizontal
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  6/1/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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