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1606 Church in the Wildwood, Part 1 of 4

As part of his quest to cover all 50 of states in the USA, Jerry has selected another wonderful subject. This time, a little country church in South Dakota is Jerry's painting “Church in the Wildwood.” In the first part of 4 episodes in this Study Painting, Jerry starts with sketch of background land mass including an eroded bank. He uses #10 bristle brush to establish a blending base then adding sunset colors. Jerry also shows blending with the hake brush to create softness. Jerry discusses values (the intensity of a color). Jerry shows feathering and shaping to give suggestion of edge of forest. He inserts area for road, and next uses the sable script brush to create distant, wispy trees in background. Jerry underpaints area for snow creating soft, blurry edge. Large dead tree, semi sunset, country road, little snow, late winter, old dirt road, warm background - just a lot to learn in the 'Church in the Wildwood'. Jerry says, 'You're going to love this. This is going to be a blast.'

Length: 00:27:51
Canvas Size: 18X24 Horizontal
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  6/1/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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