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1509 - Mountain High - Part 1 of 4

As part of the Yarnell School Online's mission to help and serve all you students with all skill levels using different mediums, Jerry is continuing with the wonderful studies and lessons on the basic concepts of watercolor.  In the 1st of 4 episodes in "Mountain High", a complete Watercolor study painting, Jerry begins a beautiful new long horizontal painting of the Grand Teton Mountains and surrounding landscape. The focus is on watercolor washes to paint the sky, road, and other areas of the landscape with various brushes and a toothbrush for creating pebbles in the road. Jerry says, "The first few lessons are about understanding the principles of watercolor. It is a fun but a sort of unforgiving medium, where you just have to plan more and a little bit better." Let Jerry walk you through the wonderful world of watercolor!

Length: 00:27:51
Canvas Size: Watercolor board
Painting Medium: Watercolor
Date Released On:  4/1/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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