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1412 - Steps To Nowhere, Part 4 of 5

In the fourth of five(5) episodes of "Steps To Nowhere" Jerry starts putting in larger trees and details and tweaking the painting. Uses #6 chisel-edge brush with a dark-color mix to fill in foreground and walls …. using sideways painting technique else you’ll get a hard line. #6 bristle brush to create suggestion of brush then shadows and sunlight. Adds light on stones giving the shape of the rocks dimension.. and light on the pathway and wall. Next Jerry begins work on leaf patterns starting at the top of the painting with the #6 bristle brush using a tapping technique which overlaps brush strokes and creating a lacy, airy look and warmth gradually adding warmer colors. Then Jerry uses the #4 chisel-edge brush to create bark by ‘pulling across’ to create pockets.  This technique sets the stage for the next and final episode.


Length: 00:27:46
Canvas Size: Acrylic Medium
Painting Medium: Acrylic
Date Released On:  1/1/2015
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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