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2304 A Watchful Eye, Part 4

In this episode, Jerry first reviews where to place the owl. Then uses #2 chisel edge brush to block in limb across moon area being sure to get proper proportion. Then gets silhouette in place. Then scumbles in areas around these shapes to make them look more dimensional and get softer, lighter values in place. Then shows how to add lighting on edge of moon (a bit of a silver lining). Next with script brush Jerry adds additional limbs to the one supporting the owl. Then adds more pine-tree work with some of the dark mixture used earlier. Lastly Jerry shows how to insert a few floating clouds again using a scumbling technique and the #4 bristle brush.

Length: 03:28:20
Canvas Size: Acrylic Medium on 18x24 vertical stretched canvas
Painting Medium: Acrylic Medium
Date Released On:  2/28/2017
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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