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Yarnell School Online provides a wide selection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced materials. Enjoy these lessons as a preview of 100's in the categorized and searchable YSO video library. 

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YSO-2: Brushes Overview - Beginner

Jerry explains all about brushes to his students; which ones to use, why you use them and
how you use them to get what you want from them.


605-1 Kim, Part 1 of 3 (16 X 20 Acrylic) - Beginner

First step for Jerry's students in learning Figures and Portrait work


201-1 The Guardian, Part 1 of 5 (18" X 24" Acrylic) - Intermediate to Advanced

In this first of five 30 minuites segments, Jerry takes his students through learning some of the
advanced techniques for completing a beautiful wildlife painting.