Frequently Asked Questions about buying an e-Gift Subscription:
How do I buy an e-Gift Subscription?
Simply click on “e-Gift” on the menu of any page on and then follow the easy, step-by-step instructions from there.
Can I buy an e-Gift Subscription for someone who is already registered with YSO?
Yes, as long as your recipient does not have an active membership. If you buy an e-Gift Subscription and then find out your recipient has an active membership, you can transfer the e-Gift Subscription to someone else — or request a refund within seven days of your original purchase date.
Are e-Gift Subscriptions available for the international students?
At this time, you can buy e-Gift Subscriptions for students in any country.
What are the e-Gift Subscription options?
You can select six-month or a one-year e-Gift Subscription.
When does an e-Gift Subscription begin and what happens at that point?
A gift giver chooses a "Gift Delivery Date" when purchasing an e-Gift Subscription. On the "Gift Delivery Date", we will send the recipient an email with details about accessing the e-Gift Subscription. We’ll also send the gift-giver a copy of that email. The e-Gift Subscription begins on the date the gift recipient activates their e-Gift Subscription. 
Can I change the Gift Delivery Date of an e-Gift Subscription after I've purchased it?
No. It is very important that you choose your recipient’s Gift Delivery Date carefully.
Why do you need the email address of the recipients?
We will send the recipient an email on the Gift Delivery Date you choose, letting them know how to activate the e-Gift Subscription. That’s the only email we’ll send your recipient until the e-Gift Subscription has been activated. After that we’ll send standard account updates and occasional communications about new contents and promotions by email as we do to all YSO subscribers.
Do e-Gift Subscription recipients have to enter a credit card number?
No. The individual simply activates and enjoys the e-Gift Subscription for which you pre-paid.
Do e-Gift Subscriptions automatically renew?
No. If a recipient wants to continue their YSO e-Gift Subscription after it expires, they can submit a renew request with a payment.
Can I set up an e-Gift Subscription to automatically renew?
No, not at this time. However, you can consider purchasing the one-year e-Gift Subscription.
Are e-Gift Subscriptions different from regular memberships?
The only difference is that e-Gift Subscriptions do not automatically renew whereas, types of YSO memberships do automatically renew.
Can an e-Gift Subscription be transferred from one person to another?
You may only transfer an e-Gift Subscription to another person, if the original recipient has not activated their e-Gift.
How will my recipient find out about the e-Gift Subscription?
After you purchase an e-Gift Subscription we will send you an order confirmation email with details for your records. On the “Gift Delivery Date” you’ve chosen, we will send an email to your recipient telling the person how to activate and access their e-Gift Subscription.

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Frequently asked questions about accessing an e-Gift Subscription:

I received an e-Gift Subscription. How do I activate and access it?
Just click on the “Activate Now” button in the email you have received. This will take you to the e-Gift Activation page. Use the Activation Code that is available in your email and follow the steps to activate and access your e-Gift Subscription. You can also get to e-Gift Activation page clicking on the “e-Gift Subscription” link on the menu at page.
What happens if I lose my activation email or access code?
Simply contact us. We can help you confirm your e-Gift Subscription and resend the activation email to you. You can also contact the person who bought it for you since he or she will have received your account access information too.
What’s the e-Gift delivery date and what happens on that date?
This is the date the gift-giver has chosen to have your e-Gift Subscription delivered to you. It is also the date when the recipient receives an email with an activation code and instructions.
What happens if I activate my e-Gift Subscription and don’t start accessing the YSO site? Do you extend the duration of the e-Gift Subscription?
No. We suggest taking advantage of your e-Gift Subscription right away, as it will begin as soon as you have activated it.
Are e-Gift Subscriptions different from regular YSO memberships?
The only difference is that an e-Gift Subscription does not automatically renew and YSO memberships do.
What if I receive multiple e-Gift Subscriptions? Can I access more than one at a time or have overlapping e-Gift Subscriptions?
You can only have one e-Gift Subscription at a time. If you receive an e-Gift Subscription after another has already been activated for you, you can transfer the second e-Gift Subscription to someone else — or tell the second gift-giver right away so he or she can get a refund. Refunds are only provided to the gift-giver within seven (7) days of the original purchase date of the e-Gift Subscription.
What if I receive an e-Gift Subscription and I’m already a member of YSO?
At this time there’s no way to add an e-Gift Subscription to an active paid membership. If you receive an e-Gift membership and already have an active paid YSO membership, we suggest telling the gift-giver right away so he or she can get a refund. Refunds are only provided to the gift-giver within seven (7) days of the original purchase date of the e-Gift Subscription. Another option would be for you or the gift-giver to transfer the e-Gift Subscription to someone else.
Can I exchange the e-Gift Subscription I was given for a different one?
How long do I have to access my e-Gift Subscription?
Your e-Gift Subscription begins immediately after you activate it and ends after the duration of the e-Gift Subscription that was pre-paid for you. We suggest you access it right away so you can get the maximum time and enjoyment out of your e-Gift Subscription.
What happens when my e-Gift Subscription ends?
You can renew an e-Gift Subscription by following the purchase process.