By Thomas Werts

5   New Orleans, Louisiana, United States ||  Nov 26 2015

I watched the show for the first time today & really enjoyed it. I'll continue to follow. I may one day give painting a try looking forward to the future Thomas Werts New Orleans,  LA

By Chuck Baldwin

5   Golden, United States ||  Nov 23 2015

My painting 'career' began about four years ago after I retired.  I had never painted before, but always wanted to try it.  I started with Bob Ross classes but felt I could do more.  Then I discovered Jerry Yarnell.  After watching a few of his videos and then spending a week at his studio early last year, my painting has gone to a whole new level.  For those who are serious about their painting - take advantage of his YSO (Yarnell School On-Line).  This is truly a fabulous resource and will help you immensely as each snippet and full painting videos will help you vastly improve your painting skills.  And last but not least, have Jerry critique your work.  For $35 to critique up to 3 paintings, these phone sessions are extremely helpful and a bargain and its always enjoyable to have a few minutes to talk with Jerry one-on-one.Let me say that it is very satisfying when people see my paintings and tell me what a great artist I am (even though I know I'm not and there is a lot of improvement yet to be done).  Thank you Jerry for your support, inspiration, and encouragement.  God bless

By Kay Bell

5   Kimball, Mi, United States ||  Nov 23 2015

I was so excited this morning watching Jerry painting the Maltnomah Falls. I was visiting there in September and took lots of pictures of the falls. Made it up on the bridge that he's painting. I am so impressed how his paintings develope into beautiful works of art. My New Years resolution will be to keep watching Jerry and try to create my own paintings! Don't want to miss the next episodes of him painting the falls.

By Terry Giboney

5   Kansas City Mo, United States ||  Nov 20 2015

When I first came across you, I wasn't too crazy about your show. I was a big Bob Ross fan. Plus even with Mr Ross I thought it wasn't "real art" because it was not inspired. Then PBS took you off for a while. When they returned your show, surprisingly, I was ecstatic! I really enjoy your show!!

By Barbara

5   North Carolina, United States ||  Nov 13 2015

Mr. Yarnell, Thank you so much for what you do.  I am so pleased that I happened across your show on PBS.  I have been painting and drawing for most of my life with no formal instruction to speak of.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the Snippets, as well as all of your shows.  You are a great teacher and I have found that whenever I am stumped, I can go back to a Snippet or one of your shows and find what I need.  Thanks for making a retired old lady happy in my rediscovery of how much joy there is in painting.  God Bless you and Ms. Donna and TeamYarnell.

By Vickie

5   Alabama, United States ||  Nov 02 2015

I remember when you first started painting in acrylic.  I have some of your old books.  You inspired me happened and I haven't painted in several years.  Recently stumbled across owned of your water color shows on PBS inspired me again!  I struggle with color.   And what is more inspiring you recognize who is the True Artist.   It is great to find your school.

By Kaye Quinn

5   New Jersey, United States ||  Nov 01 2015

Hi! I just found one of your shows while channel surfing & have already dvr'd future programs. I've just started watercolor painting & while I enjoy it,I feel somewhat intimidated because I've always been told about how difficult it is. Don't feel as much after watching only 2 shows; would definitely like to learn more about layering. Thanks for sharing your talents & instructions. Much appreciated.

By Anita Lesure

5   Adams Ma, United States ||  Nov 01 2015

I have been watching PBS and especially like the art shows.  This season they are featuring your lessons on "watercolor" MR. Yarnell you are a terrific teacher. I tried this medium for the first time and in my eyes successfully did one that I felt worthy of framing. Can't tell you how happy it made me. Keep up the good work and Thank you PBS.

By Steve Heroux

5   Peoria AZ, United States ||  Oct 30 2015

Just happened to be clicking through the channels, and stopped at local PBS ch.8 Phoenix...watched Jerry putting snow on the pine trees, and icicles  on the little church with the lights on inside...absolutely amazing! I thought, this guy has a God given creative gift, and is using it well. THEN I looked up this site and HEY...he's a man of God...Jerry, it shows thru your work, and kind spirit. From a Christian musician out west, God bless you in all your work! And thanks for brightening our day out here!</p>

By Judith Tyni

5   Oconto, WI, United States ||  Oct 25 2015

I am so in love with this Certification Program and the YSO series! Jerry is so generous with his knowledge and I am learning so much! This program is well worth every penny! He is such a talented artist and I can only pray that I will become almost as good an artist as he isThis program is the best ever and I thank Jerry, Donna and his staff for helping me achieve my artistic goals! Thank you so muchGod Bless, Judith Tyni

By cathy smith

5   bladenboro, United States ||  Oct 23 2015

I have taught myself to paint with acrylics  for around 40 yrs and people say I do good work and I have sold several paintings over the years. When Jerry came on PBS with the Paint This shows I was amazed at what I needed to learn and what I could learn from him. He has been a great inspiration to me. I thank God for giving Jerry the ability to teach as he does. Thank you brother Jerry(you are my brother in Christ)

By susan smith

5   Fairbanks, Ak, United States ||  Oct 13 2015

Hi Jerry,I'm glad you're back, I enjoy your shows!

By Carol Ann Baldwin

5   Ardmore, Ok., United States ||  Oct 10 2015

I am absolutely loving your watercolor series. I hope it is on for awhile. I love your step by step instructions. Thank you

By Diane anderson

5   Florida, United States ||  Oct 10 2015

I have been painting for ten years, attended workshops of nationally know artists and today when you did your basics on your watercolor episode. I was amazed at what I didn't know.  Also your seven out of ten comment was validating! This novice thanks you. 

By Joyce Mann

5   Kansas, United States ||  Oct 07 2015

Jerry, Last summer I painted a mural on my metal shed in my back yard. It was okay but something was missing and I did not know what.  I joined your online school and after watching your under painting technics awhile back, I realized that is basically what I need to do on the mural.  After practicing your brush stroked and mixing paint to get greyed down colors I painted over the existing mural and the results were awesome!  Everyone that sees it is wowed by it, thanks so you!  I intent to continue with the online school and some day come to your studio to receive your personal instruction.  Thanks so much, for what you share and may God continue to bless your business.

By Tony DiNicola

5   Wisconsin, United States ||  Oct 07 2015

Yes! Jerry's back on Create TV in southern Wisconsin. Getting pretty tired of Frank Clarke beginner watercolor and Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle! Kudos for cycling Jerry back in for another season! You're the best, Jerry. Thanks for all your guidance and inspiration! Tony.<br>

By barbara hill

5   ohio, United States ||  Oct 03 2015

Dear Jerry, Just to let you know that I won BEST of SHOW @ our county fair this week. It was a wildlife(great herron) that I entered. Thanks to the technique on birds that you teach on YSO,DVD and National workshops that I learned and use--this is what brought my recognition! I am a serious student of yours so great thanks to you. Keep wildlife and bird dvd's  on technique on your "to do" list for your students. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!  Barbara

Congrats, Barb!  So glad to hear the news of your success!  Wonderful!  Jerry and Donna

By Dave Verrill

5   Zionsville, In., United States ||  Sep 30 2015

Jerry, can you tell me when your new series will begin in the Indianapolis area on PBS or the Create channel ?   Looking forward to it, enjoy your teaching technique and have learned a lot. Received a third place at the In. State Fair last year and a first at our county fair with a different painting. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Dave Verrill P.S.  Haven't received any info. from our PBS station.

By Paul Fisher

5   , United States ||  Sep 23 2015

I'm so happy I joined your on line school. I have learned so much. Could you do some more oil paintings. I love your way of teaching. Keep up the good work.

By Alma De Fina

5   Wisconsin, United States ||  Sep 17 2015

I'm so glad to see the watercolor series.  I studied under various watercolor artists out in Arizona in the 90s.  However, I've put my painting aside for the last few years and have been thinking of resurrecting it now that I am retired.  I've watched you on PBS over time but now I may have the inspiration needed with this series to start up again.  Thank you for this renewed passion in the only medium of which I have been skilled.  I took a Japanese watercolor class a couple of years ago but like the lazy person I have become, I did not do much with that as well.  Hoping to be my talented self again - with much good wishes to you - many thanks  blessings.  9/17/15

By Mundee

5   Houston, United States ||  Sep 15 2015

I am loving the online school. Many thanks! Can't wait to paint!

By Diann

5   Southern Illinois, United States ||  Sep 12 2015

I have been really enjoying your watercolor series on PBS. I hope you continue with the series. I have started to learn watercolor this past year and thoroughly enjoy it. I find it refreshing, more so than oil painting. Only frustrating thing is that many times the show does not air via DirectTV and KET public stations due to 'technical issues'. Always on Saturday morning. I either miss part of the painting or all of it. (such as the one airing now - the watercolor Mountain High).

By Linda Clare

5   Texas, United States ||  Sep 01 2015

I just joined YSO, this has to be the best $25.00 that I could have spent. I've taken many workshops over the years, in my opinion Jerry you are the best. Our PBS station does not have art instructional programs any more. Thank you so much for YSO. I learn so much from your teaching. Acrylis are my first love, but after I watching you paint with Max oils I got mine out. I would love to see you paint Sunflowers. Have a blessed day.

By dirck spencer

5   nc, United States ||  Aug 29 2015

Hello, My mom painted and did crafts for years; has essential tremors dementia now.  Loves to watch your show "Paint This", faithfully Friday 4pmET on local PBS.  Keep it up.Grace and peace be yours thru Christ on behalf of Beverly D Spencer

By Renee Place

5   Fitchburg, Ma., United States ||  Aug 14 2015

Jerry thank you for your wonderful art show on PBS.  They don't run your shows in the summer and that's when I want to paint.  Winter is Just to busy.  I do DVR them.  I hope you Continue teaching.  I would love to see more landscapes with stucko buildings.  I just loved The flowers on the stairs.   Ponds with trees and flowers would be nice also.  I use to just paint still life's and portraits, and I'm trying to learn Landscapes.  The ones you have done really are helping..  Thank you so much, God bless your talent Renee

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