By Paul Fisher

5   East Syracuse. NY, United States ||  Nov 03 2016

I've been a student for over a year. Love your teaching methods. I was just wondering if you can do some more watermisable paintings. Keep<br>up the great work.

By Gwendolyn Elliott

5   Richmond Ca, United States ||  Oct 11 2016

Just returned home from a fabulous class with Rich Fischer , Cave Creek Arizona.   What a fun experience.  I learned a lot.  Rich is a fabulous instructor.  I felt valued, respected and  very much welcomed.  Both Rich and his wife made the class a great experience.  I look forward to other classes.  Five star rating.  🌵🌵🌵Desert miracle will hang on my wall. Thank you for this opportunity. Looking forward to March in California for another painting experience.

By Nolie Hesse

5   Palm Desert, CA, United States ||  Oct 09 2016

<b>I took Rich Fisher's class last in Cave Creek, AZ. Jerry must be very proud of him. He is a very talented artist &amp; a great teacher. He works with each one of us at our level just like Jerry has always done. He &amp; his wife are most gracious. There were several of us regulars and some new faces. Every one appeared to have a good time &amp; happy with the outcome. </b>

By Judy Cooley

5   Singer, LA, United States ||  Oct 07 2016

<div>I just caught the finish of your Senora cacti, and this is the first time I have visited your site after years of enjoying you on pbs.  I always felt that you were Christ inspired, and now I find you have a ministry also.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and</div><div>God Bless - Judy</div>

By Laura Meade

5   Glen Allen, VA, United States ||  Sep 21 2016

Thank you so much for the video lessons on "The Perfect Pair"  I love cardinals and may use my 'lesson effort' as our Christmas card.  If I do, I'll put on the back of our cards "from a Jerry Yarnell lesson."  My favorite video lessons are of "cropped subjects"  like the broken pots, the penguins, floral stairway, etc. but I learn new things with all the video lessonsThank you for the Online school.  I really appreciate the variety of video lessons and the "snippets" on art techniques.  Thank you for making it all accessible and affordable.  Also, I appreciate your keeping all the earlier video lessons available at the site.  I often go back to some of the lessons from the past.  Please keep doing what you're doing.  Art has no end.

By carol fernandez

5   cocoa, florida, United States ||  Sep 13 2016

Was just shifting channels and came across one of your  painting shows....I love all the tribal paintings you do. This one so captures the essence of Indian living and the colors and scene is so good....just want to eep staring at it..beautiful.  thanks for your show and the enjoyment of watching a painting come to life.<br>

By Rich Robson

5   Billings, MT, United States ||  Sep 03 2016

Mr. Yarnell, I would like to thank you for sharing your painting lessons on PBS. I am new to painting and your program keeps me motivated to keep trying to improve. I learned about water-misable oils from your program. Thank you again for your lessons.

By Rich Robson

5   Billings, MT, United States ||  Sep 03 2016

Mr. Yarnell, I would like to thank you for sharing your painting lessons on PBS. I am new to painting and your program keeps me motivated to keep trying to improve. I learned about water-misable oils from your program. Thank you again for your lessons.

By Ruthie Denning

5   Las Vegas, NV, United States ||  Aug 28 2016

I've been enjoying  your show on TV and have decided to take up painting. I am having a difficult time finding the script brush. I found one at Blick but it does not work like your does. Any suggestions?

By carolyn gonzalez

5   Texas, United States ||  Aug 18 2016

hi Jerry, Some years back, you came to a little town called Cedar Hill, Texas.  I was so blessed to be able to have 2 days of painting with you in that class. I have never forgotten what I learned.  It was the most fun and inspirational class I have ever attended. Thank you ! God Bless you Carolyn

By Kristine Bohrer

5   Woodbury, MN, United States ||  Aug 04 2016

I've only been painting acrylics along with Jerry's teachings, but I got a bug to try "Oil" over my last acrylic painting. Of course I thought I was smart and could buy general paint, thinner, linseed from Michaels, but the smell is too much for me, and I didn't enjoy that attempt at ALL. Do the products for doing oil that Jerry sells omit the odor issue? Thanks. Still love painting.

By Daundra

5   Souhwest Michigan, United States ||  Aug 03 2016

Der Sir I have been watching for some time now.  Two years ago we were visiting our daughter in Collinsville, OK and tried to find your studio, got caught in a storm and had to go back to Collinsville.  I Pray for you and your family, love your teaching and of course your art.  I have to many OLD habits to get over, PPP and am a brush protector, I have brushes from the late 1950's that look like new...hahaha. I did so want to be a colorist in my youth, but had a family, so coloring was with my children, now grand children and g-grandchildren. Keep up the great work, you have a God given talent as an artist and teacher.  Thanks for the many hours of watching what comes out of your mind through your hand extended through a brush.  You need to see our Lake Michigan. In His service. Daundra Baker

By John williams

5   Kendrick oklahoma, United States ||  Aug 01 2016

Jerry, I have followed your painting lessons since 1988.  I cannot express in appropriate words the joy and wonder the time and pleasure I have seen in the time I have received in my paintings.  I thank you for your God given talent and your great lessons.

By Sergio Estrada

5   Hawthorne, United States ||  Jul 24 2016

I love your show, ive learned sooo many techniques. i would love if you could do city landscapes, like building and streets.

By Paul Fisher

5   East Syracuse. NY, United States ||  Jul 18 2016

Been a student for about  a year. I'm trying to paint a water fountain and having trouble making the water look like water while it shoots in the air, Any ideas.

By Nolie Hesse

5   Palm Desert CA, United States ||  Jul 07 2016

I sincerely urge you to sign up for the class with Rich Fischer, Oct.6&7. He is a great artist and teacher. He follows Jerry's teaching and painting methods. Also AZ is beautiful!!!

By George F Reimuth

5   San Bernadino,ca. 92410, United States ||  Jul 05 2016

I just reviewed your two magazines , great topics and very informative , great job , god bless.

By George F Reimuth

5   San Bernadino,ca. 92410, United States ||  Jul 04 2016

I just visited your Facebook page , Can I please get a copy of your new Magazine . all around great job. God Bless and keep teaching , and painting.

By J. D. Marksberry

5   Owensboro, Kentucky, United States ||  Jul 01 2016

I have been following you for several years, and painting along with you. I have produced several tolerable paintings doing so. Recently, my wife enrolled me in the Yarnell School Online as a birthday present. I can't adequately express how helpful your snippets have been. I enjoy them very much, and watch a few as often as possible. I find them not only helpful, but also encouraging. My desire to paint has never been stronger. I may never reach your level of talent, but I am enjoying the journey. Thank you for a quality school !

By Starla Neely

5   Indiana, United States ||  Jun 24 2016

I recently started watching your shows on KET.  I have learned more from you than I have watching other artist's shows.  You are so detailed in explaining every part of the process.  Thanks for great entertainment and learning.

By Dorothy Christopher

5   Edmonton, Ab., United States ||  Jun 20 2016

Good evening Jerry.  I watch your teaching sessions on PBS whenever I can and appreciate the way you explain what you are doing and why, also the variety  of subjects.  Would you be able to do a program about  trees, flowers,  etc blowing in the wind, to show movement, please.   thank you very much.Sincerely,Dorothy Christopher.

By sheila grer

5   elizabethton, tn, United States ||  Jun 17 2016

I have been painting over 20 years mostly oil...after watching Jerry I now take more patience with my paintings, have moved on to acrylics{before didn't think I could get a good blend of the paints}, and am rewarded with more professional looking paintings..thank you Jerry for teaching me patience☺♥

By Melinda

5   Lexington, Oklahoma, United States ||  Jun 15 2016

Jerry, love your shows! I record them to refer back to &amp; I noticed in the Rooster series (which has been on here for the last 4 weeks) apparently there was a mix-up in programming(?) as we did not get to watch/see how you paint the (big) rooster in the foreground! Instead we watched 2 shows of highlighting the rooster &amp; adding straw, etc. Just making you aware. I love your show &amp; hope to be good at this some day... Lol Love Light

Thank you for your note. Be sure to contact your network directly to provide feedback on episodes airing out of order. Unfortunately, we have no control over that process.  Again, thank you!  Jerry & Donna

By Russ Kerr

5   Springfield IL, United States ||  Jun 06 2016

Have just recently begun to watch you join our local PBS station and think you are great. Really appreciate how detailed your explanations, and your sincere love of art always shines through! Your enthusiasm makes me want to paint again after being away from it for a number of years while working. Now that I'm retired, though, am thinking about starting again....and your program was a God-send as I only learned about you while channel surfing one day. God has blessed you with incredible talent and you are using it to the fullest. God bless you as you continue to share with...and encourage....others!


5   ELVERSON,PA19520, United States ||  May 18 2016

jerry I must tell you that I watch your shows every time they are on.  usually 630am on pbs Bethlehem.  I love to watch with our dog genny mae and a smooth cup of good coffee. well I have been so uninspired that I thought it was the end of my arty ways.  you have saved my life.  you truly have.  my inspirations are back some. taking your teachings and applying to my life its working. inspiration is all around me!  i apply what you've taught to my daily life, shapes of cones, spheres and rectangles...etc I haven't got perspective down yet but i'm working on it. well the whole point is that you have saved my life and I thank you jerry sincerely, karen

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