By Sally Bryant

5   471 Northlake Dr. Lakehills, Tx. 78063, United States ||  Jul 27 2018

Howdy from Texas Jerry. Just got a computer and am trying to learn it all over again. I have been painting now with your help from your workbooks, and have several paintings in our local library and a restaurant down town Bandera Texas. The gentleman who has the restaurant also is a reverend and has made me feel so special. Of course the Lord has taken me by the hand and is leading the way.

By Thomas Noteboom

5   Chambersburg Pennsylvania , United States ||  Jun 29 2018

Jerry I love your show you always have useful tips for me, I paint with acrylics so your tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your shows, keep going we are watching out here. Sincerely Thomas Noteboom sr.

By Linda Allen

5   Georgia, United States ||  Jun 28 2018

Mr. Yarnell, I have been watching your show first on pbs and then on create tv since 2014. I like to paint in oils and acrylics. I have never taken classes before. I dream of coming to your studio one day. I had to quit my job to care for my terminally ill husband and am presently homebound with him. He has Glioblastoma 4 and doesn't have much longer to live. The dream of coming to your workshop gives me something to keep me going. When my husband dies, I think about just disappearing for a week when it's all over and going to your workshop. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to.

God Bless you, Linda!  Stay Inspired!  Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By William Ballinger

5   Oklahoma City, United States ||  Jun 13 2018

I am totally bummed. OETA in Oklahoma City has quit carrying your show on Saturday mornings. If I don't watch anything else on TV, I watch "Paint This With Jerry Yarnell." I am not at all interested in the Bob Ross stuff. It's not even the same style or technique of painting and not nearly as good. When are you coming back and is there a another way I can watch it. Having major withdrawal pains!!! I want my Jerry Yarnell!

We have a call into OETA's representative over their Programming, and haven't heard back yet. We do appreciate your bringing this to our attention. You are correct that our show has been running uninterrupted for years on OETA. Thanks again!

By Donna L Jacques

5   307 2nd Ave S E Gravette AR. 72736, United States ||  Jun 09 2018

I am very interested in Learning how to paint. I have been watching Jerry a long long time.

Thank you for joining Yarnell School Online and ordering one of the Yarnell Acrylic Kits!  You're off to a GREAT start!

By Peter Sabo

5   Oklahoma City, OK, United States ||  Jun 04 2018

Hi Jerry., I wanted to let you know that I have been watching your show now for about 6 months. I also watch Bob Ross, and I've been watching him for years. I have been inspired to paint but I guess I've been a little scared and I haven't been able to purchase the equipment I need. The 2015 Christmas, I bought my wife some art items Easle, Paints, Brushes, Canvas. She hadn't touched them until this year. Well, She finally did. She was going to paint a butterfly and give it to our friends for a wedding gift. Well, She didn't finish it. She changed her mind. So, I gesso it. Well, in the mean time, I have been watching many videos on Youtube, including yours, Bob Ross and some others. Well, today I took a BIG step and decided to do painting Painting Storm clouds and lightening, by Allison Prior. The other day I was watching a video on painting tornadoes. So, I was following Allison, to a point. I started off with a grey gesso canvas. I did the clouds the way she was doing them but I also added my flair. The clouds that were towads the bottom, I shaped them like they were the tops of tornadoes and brought them down to a point, or at least one of them. The other I made like it was an F4/F5. I added Burnt Sierra and white to make it look like dirt and debris. I also added some trees, a couple of hills on the each side and a "meadow" in the middle. I did add lighting . I would love to send you a picture of it, so you can look at it and maybe critique it and help me to make a better one. I have NEVER painted or took an art class, but everyone I showed it to said it was fantastic. A couple of them said that it looked like a tornado storm here in Oklahoma . Please tell me how I can send you the picture. I took a picture of it on my phone. I love your shows and your videos on Youtube. Keep on painting and God you and your family. Best Regards, Peter J. Sabo

By Bonnie Harris

5   Rathdrum, United States ||  May 27 2018

Jerry has helped me so much. His teaching style is wonderful. I am hoping to see a video explaining how to paint a field of grass blowing in the wind. Thanks so much!

By Margaret Pettit

1   Grants Pass OR, United States ||  May 05 2018

I was watching an episode on tv. You were just teaching about not trying to make you painting look realistic, like your reference photo. Reminds me of my high school art teacher years ago. She said you might as well just take a picture if you try to paint something so life-like and perfect.

By Lanny Thompson

1   , United States ||  May 05 2018

I am very pleased to have discovered the wonderful world of Joseph Yarnell today! I live in Tulsa and I bought a beautiful mural this morning at an estate sale. The family told me that their mother, who lived in Bixby, had taken lessons from you, Jerry, and that you painted this marvelous landscape of mountains for her and more than a dozen of Gods wonderful creatures and a cabin on the edge of a meadow with smoke curling up from the chimney, as part of your instruction. It measures over 3ft by 7ft and is hanging in my living room. I wish there was some way to show it to you here on your website. Thank you for revealing the beauty of Gods creation and sharing your gifts and talents with us.

By Glenda Shockley

5   Morris, OK, United States ||  May 03 2018

I love watching your show. I'm 63 and have only been painting a couple of years. Someday I hope to attend one of your workshops. God bless!

By Zac

5   Mn, United States ||  Mar 24 2018

I've learned to paint watching your show. Painting has saved my life. Thank you so much.

By Zac

5   Mn, United States ||  Mar 24 2018

I learned to paint watching your show. I've been painting now for 2 years. Its saved my life. Thank you so much for your show.

By Roxane Hilton Clarke

5   Maryland, United States ||  Mar 08 2018

A few months ago I was in North Carolina and started watching your program on the TV in the hotel and got so excited. I have been meaning to get back to painting for almost 25 years and you gave me the inspiration to get back to my artistic side and dream again. Will be doing online course. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

By Jeanne Belnap

5   Puyallup, WA, United States ||  Feb 25 2018

I watch the TV broadcast every Sunday before I go to church and I find it so value.  Not just because of the painting but because you also tell what to do when you're discouraged and quit painting.  Knowing that other artists, especially one like you who has become a professional, have gone through the same kind of thoughts and feelings, has really helped me get back up and paint again.  Thanks, so much!

By kate clarke

5   Ontario, Canada, United States ||  Feb 20 2018

I have been enjoying your TV instructional program for a few years, and find it very informative, inspirational,  as well as instructional.

Until recently, I never attempted to paint anything that was part of your programs, but on seeing you paint a glass of wine, etc.  I was enthused about trying it myself, but with my own composition.    There isn't an attachment icon on this page, otherwise I would forward it to you.  I will however, I your critique program is available in Canada, send it on for your criticism, etc.

I would appreciate your reply.    thanks for a great program, and hope it is never discontinued.   Kate c.

Our critique program is available for individuals in Canada.
You can see it here:
Thank you!

By Larry T. Donaho

1   South Texas, United States ||  Feb 18 2018

Hi Jerry,

I'm 64 years old, been painting since I was 19.  I've never had a lesson from anyone in

all these years.  I really enjoy your PBS Show, which comes out on Saturday afternoon at

3:00PM,  I never miss an episode.  I've learned so much from your program and hope that

you continue it for many years to come. Keep reminding us, "Negative Space."  It never

gets said enough. Thanks for everything and god bless. 


By Michele Franich

1   Whitehall, Montana, United States ||  Feb 10 2018

Hello, I had a question about splatter method in the foreground to help give the impression of rocks and sand over the underpinnings.  The only thing I saw was for splatter to make stars.  Main question is how to make slightly bigger splatters.  I'm only getting fine.

The splatter technique is covered in our new book Wildlife Scenes in Acrylic.

By Becky Buffum

5   Midland, Texas, United States ||  Feb 05 2018

Looking for an episode that I saw on TV a couple of years ago....  It was a painting of a old gnarled tree by a pond.  I think you said it was close to your studio (I could be wrong about that).  I started my own painting, wanting to paint along with you, but life got in the way.....  I just found the painting and wanted to finish it but can't find the episode or any of your painting that remotely resemble that painting.  Is it possible for you to help me find it?  Thanks in advance. 

Would need more information to identify which subject image you're referring to.  We did just do one called "Artful Refuge" which is an area that one can view from the front porch of Jerry's Studio.

By julie kautzman

4   holly hill sc , United States ||  Jan 18 2018


i was wondering when you will be traveling in South Carolina ? And what you will be painting from the state of south carolina ? I love painting with you . I wish i could take the full course but cant .i love the monthly access to the website . learned so much . thank you for your time.

No plans to travel to South Carolina.

By lou abbondanzio

5   carthage NC, United States ||  Jan 13 2018

Love watching your shows. You are an insperation with your calm demeanor, knowledge and experience. Keep up the great work, thank you and may God bless.


MA State Police (retired) 

By paul genest

5   mass, United States ||  Aug 22 2017

love your show as I am trying to learn how to paint

I am a biologist and as much as I respect seagulls for their beach cleaning activity, they do not come out at night

artistic license is cool but I couldn't help chuckling

no big deal, I just had to contact you

keep smiling paul 

By Maryliz

5   NE PA, United States ||  Aug 21 2017

Hi Jerry,

I've been watching you on CreateTV here in NE PA. I've learned so much about layering and blending colors, highlighting, and creating depth in a painting. Even though I have little interest in painting itself, the color work and other components of your painting give me inspiration for doing art quilts.  Your easy manner and explanations of all you do are quite helpful. Thanks a bunch.

By Michael Lesperance

1   peoria az, United States ||  Aug 14 2017

Hi Jerry as a dyslexic I have always been able to carve as I see every thing in 3 dementions from the inside . In painting I find that I must step threw the picture to the inside looking outward at the picture in my mind to see proper perspective from the inside. Being dyslexic and borderline autistic I find it opens a whole new world for. Thank you for what I have learned. .Michael Lesperance a dedicated fan.

By gary

1   virginia beach ,VA, United States ||  Aug 04 2017

New to acrylics.   Watercolor long ago.  I hope I still have "the touch".   With help, I may have a piece I am happy with.   Happy Painting.

By Barrett

5   St Louis Missouti, United States ||  May 04 2017

HI Jerry- Just started with your online school today!  Love it!  

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