By Kristina Paden

5   TN., United States ||  May 03 2019

Dear Jerry, I have been a member of you YSO school for years. I have learned so much from you I can't even start to list it. I have loved drawing from early childhood but in High school art class I lost interest because I let others discourage me. Fast forward to 40 yrs and I am all in. I love that you teach us the basics and encourage us to make it ours. Thank you. In following your lessons I have painted a few that my kids fight over...(this makes me smile). For Christmas I combined your "Church in the Wild Woods" with the "Frosty Tradition". I moved things around a bit and and made it a bright moon lit night. I gave it to my daughter for one of her presents. She loved it. I wish I could show you but not sure how to do that. Most of all I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for how you inspire so many to paint. God Bless You and Your Crew. I know you all must work hard to pull all these shows and classes together.

By William Vrolyk

5   Edmonton Alberta Canada , United States ||  May 02 2019

Hi I have been watching your shows on PBS Spokane long before I became a retired senior citizen. I am retired now for the last 12, or so, years. Right now I am testing my skills on a painting that features a covered bridge. We have a few of them in New Brunswick and I believe there are some in Vermont and Maine. Covered bridges have a certain pastoral charm and I would love to see what kind of instructional painting you would come up with. I don’t recall watching you do that subject on your show before . Thank you for your valuable instruction and inspiration. William Vrolyk

Yes, we have a covered bridge in Jerry's portfolio of instructional materials -- it's called "Standing Proud."

By Beth Libbey

5   Alaska, United States ||  May 01 2019

How Doug you keep your acrylic paint from drying out on your palette?

Please visit Jerry's Answer Library for answers to the most frequently asked questions. As much as we’d love to, we simply do not have the resources to answer the thousands of emails and questions we receive, and the FAQs were created so that students can “self-assist” in finding answers to questions that Jerry has answered over the years, plus they are a FREE, GREAT resource for Jerry’s students. 

By Bev Evans

5   Charlotte,NC, United States ||  Apr 30 2019

I have a 1/8" punctured hole in my can I successfully patch it so it can be used?

Your question is too detailed to answer here.  However in one of his Paint This with Jerry Yarnell TV Shows (also on DVD and our Yarnell School Online) there is an art lesson available called "Sydney" wherein he explains how to repair a canvas. 

By Cliff Summers

5   CA, United States ||  Apr 28 2019

Have very much enjoyed watching and learning from your PBS programs. You teach a level that I am wanting to attain. The biggest problem for me is understanding and mixing colors. Any suggestions?

Since you're a member of YSO, do take the time to watch Color Mixing 101.  Also, on Saturday, November 9, Jerry will be holding a "Color Mixing/Values" lecture at his Oklahoma Studio.  You can find the registration on our Workshop Schedule page of our site.

By Kelly Davis

5   Michigan , United States ||  Apr 26 2019

I learned to paint watching how to paint shows since the mid 80s. I found you and have been trying to switch over from oil to acrylic. I love that you will take 3-5 episodes to paint one picture from start to finish. You have taken my skills up to another level. You take time to teach perspectives and composition. Thank You. You have given so much. You ,your ministry, and talent. May God Bless You with good health and protect you and your family. Sincerely Kelly.

By Carol Metz

5   Maribel, WI, United States ||  Apr 21 2019

Hi Jerry, My name is Carol Metz. I watch your show on Create TV. I had been painting under a well-known artist, and really enjoy it. My husband wants me to paint him a picture, and I have books with pictures that I could work out of. I really enjoy watching how detail oriented you are. You truly are an inspiration! I would like to take one of the existing photos that I have and try painting it, but am a little nervous about trying to do something like that on my own. Is it easy to go from Acrylic to oil painting and still have the same results? When your shows are recorded, are you finishing each painting in days or does it take a couple of weeks to complete them? I am thankful for your show, and try to watch it as often as I can. Create has it airing on Monday and Friday mornings, so I have something to look forward to when starting my day. God Bless!

By Germaine Gibbs

5   Linden, NJ, United States ||  Apr 12 2019

1st of all I think you are a wonderful teacher. Back in the 90's I had done 2 oil paintings using Bob Ross's techniques. Not thrilled with oils due to drying time, cleanup, etc. and haven't painted since then till I saw your show. The first attempt was the harbor scene with the bridge and men walking on it. It came out pretty good. I never knew acrylics could be so beautiful as in your "Artful Refuge", which aired today. Now I dvr every art show airing at 6:30 am on the Create channel. I can't get enough...I'm 70 years young and painting makes the time fly by so quickly .... thank you for getting me back into art.

By Jackie Follis

5   Zephyrhills, FL, United States ||  Mar 25 2019

I have learned more about painting from watching your program than from any other instruction. You are a great teacher and I absolutely love your enthusiasm. So true, only an artist can get excited about the simplest things. God is so good!

By richard johnson

5   fall river ma., United States ||  Mar 24 2019

I watch your show every chance i get.

By Gordon Brinkhurst

5   Cardston,Alberta,Canada, United States ||  Mar 23 2019

Really like your books but I only have five what are the others?

Have written about 16 -- some have been taken out of print by the Publisher.
We do have two brand new books:  Wildlife Scenes in Acrylic as well as Country Scenes in Acrylic. 
We offer Basics, Landscape Secrets, and Secrets of Acrylic (Landscapes Start to Finish) on our website or call us to order. 877-681-4ART (4278).

By Gary Forsmo

5   Oregon, WI. 53575-3831, United States ||  Mar 18 2019

Two questions: 1.) It appears that most, if not all of the "objects" in your TV paintings (main subjects & supportive background) are developed with ~3 "layers". • under painting • 2nd layer (either lighter or darker value) or • 3rd layer (either lighter or darker) finishing value. Is this a conscious decision? 2.) How do you keep the "straight-out-of-the-tube" and "mixed" acrylic paints on your pallate, ready to use? Do you cover them when you are away from your studio? You're my "Go To", skilled, TV artist for instructional techniques and methods. Gary (1963 University of Wisconsin graduate Art Education. Even though my major mediums were Pottery, Studio Glass & Art Metal)

By Linda Thomas

5   , United States ||  Mar 16 2019

I am a self-taught artist but haven't painted in a long time. However, watching your show and finding you online brought my desire back, so this time I decided to jump right in and join your class. Let me thank you very much for having the tuition reasonable enough to make it affordable for a person on a limited income, like myself, to be able to attend. I'm starting at the beginning and plan to work right on through to the very last episode. Happy Painting with Jerry Yarnell!

By David Aarons

5   Naples Fl, United States ||  Mar 07 2019

Hey Jerry, hope all is well with you. Thanks for show. Both you and Bob Ross were the reason I found that God blessed me with ability to paint. While I was sitting in the hospital I started a painting in rehab. I just went and signed up for online school. May God bless you and Thanks. God Bless Ya. Dave

By Laura Scott

5   Boise, Idaho , United States ||  Mar 05 2019

Joseph (Jerry) Jerome Yarnell, Jr. thank you for sharing your talent with us. When are you going to do a workshop in Boise, Idaho?

Sorry, we will not be coming to Idaho. Our only remote workshop locations now are E-Town, Kentucky, and Dumas, Texas. Jerry has trimmed his ‘traveling-circuit’ workshop schedule back significantly over the last few years simply because he has so much going on here at his Oklahoma Studio:  TV production, the online school, full-time teaching classes, Certification Program for Artists and Instructors, two new books, and his own personal Gallery art. He and Donna have both traveled extensively for years, and more-than-ready to exchange road-time for more quality home-time.

We do have a Yarnell Certified Instructor who travels (Debbie Mattison). You can read about our Instructors at and of course you can find our schedule on our site. If you have a group that would like to sponsor our instructor for a class in your area, you can reach out directly to Debbie.

A great many of our students are making the trip to our Oklahoma Studio for workshops now that Jerry isn’t “coming to them.” If you’re able to travel, we’d love to have you!


By Vicki Griffin

5   Hurst, United States ||  Mar 04 2019

after about an 8 year hiatus, I'm anxious to paint again. I'll be wanting dvds to get me started again. the old vhs were great, but technology has moved us forward

By cathryn smith

5   Bladenboro nc, United States ||  Feb 28 2019

Hi. I love to watch your TV shows and have learned so much. I am a self taught acrylic artist ,except for what I have learned on your shows, and I have always had a love hate relationship with clouds. I love clouds but I never could get them right. I would never begin to imply that I am even a smidge as good as you are, but I was thinking if some of your students were having trouble with clouds then this might help them as it has helped me. I found some Q tips that have rather large ends and they are great for making clouds, the Q tips make the clouds soft and lite. I just thought I would share this tip. thanks for all you do to help us struggling artist.

We have lessons specifically for clouds -- Snippet #2 -- as well as so many of our materials include clouds.
Students love our snippets since they address specific techniques that they can apply to their artwork. Thank you.

By Roxanne Richard

5   Kasilof Alaska 99610, United States ||  Feb 24 2019

I love watching your tv show. It’s very relaxing and I’m also learning some great tips. My dad taught me how to draw, I took art lessons as a kid and always took art in school. My goal is to start selling some of my art. I love learning new ways to make a picture look realistic.

By Kate Cassidy

5   Cincinnati, OH, United States ||  Feb 07 2019

Jerry, I love to paint and am, for the most part, self taught...until you came along. I have watched you paint over the years on your TV show, especially when I need inspiration. I learn something new each episode I watch and wanted to thank you for sharing this opportunity with your viewers. Do you have any recommendations on how I should set up my own website? Thank you for all you do to keep us inspired. Kate

By Martha Honey

5   Sarasota, Florida, United States ||  Feb 06 2019

Love your DVDs and wondering if you have a specific lesson on underpainting, when to do, why and how. Also interested in painting a scene with bears - do you have any lessons on that?  

Yes, we have "King of His Domain" which you can find here:

As well, underpainting is addressed in my two newest books which you can find here:

Have a Blessed day.

By Carey Marshall

5   Pasco, WA, United States ||  Feb 06 2019

I have been watching your program for years now. Most of my painting has been floral, but plan to do more branching out once I am settled in my new home. The number of wires on a fence is determined by the farmers preference, the critter that he is wanting to contain & the area in which he lives. Some areas are more conducive to more wires while others are not. Some critters are more likely to get through a fence than others! So don’t let anyone tell you that the fences that you painted are wrong!!!!! 😊 You do a very good job! God bless you as you serve him! Carey

By Suzi

5   Houston, United States ||  Feb 04 2019

Watching your program on Create -Powerful Proud and Free - brought back memories of my brother. He loved to paint and loved the outdoors. This picture is exactly what he would have wanted to paint. He served in the military and was very proud that he had. He loved our country and the many freedoms we are blessed with. Thank you for bringing such wonderful memories back about him and his love of painting.

By Tandy Nossaman

5   Ignacio, CO, United States ||  Jan 21 2019

I have a 10 year old boy that is an incredible artist. He watches your show and applies learned techniques to his paintings. He would love to be able to share a photo of his appaloosa painting he just finished with you.

By Maribel Jorrin

5   6501 pine island place Orlando Fl 32810, United States ||  Dec 24 2018

Back from the Garden, Part 5 Episode #2709 · In this final segment, Jerry .I was watching your show at 5amI fell in love with your picture,I work at a Christian school and it would be perfect in our cafeteria.I like art but definitely a beginner I paint with the children.

By Christine Marie Charlie

5   Caligornia, United States ||  Dec 16 2018

Hello, my name is Christine Marie Charlie! How are you? Are you still filming or just teaching your school? I am an artist, education specialist teacher of children ages 3-5 with special needs; a basket maker, and craftsman with various mediums. I build, as well as, have a compulsion to fix things that are broken.... which I've learned to step over. I want to tell you! I watch your show here in Californis when it is on Sundays with a lady who is 103 years old. We both love your work!   I want to say thank you! Always with respect and kindness, Christine Marie

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