By Sharon Bayless

5   , United States ||  Dec 04 2018

I would like to purchase the 8 piece acrylic brush set but I am having trouble placing the order. I am a senior citizen who became a widow a little over a year ago. Painting has been good therapy for me while adjusting to the loneliness of living alone. I am a retired church organist with masters degree in performance (pipe organ) but because of age am no longer able to play. When God closes one door he always opens another. For me that door is painting. I've always had an interest in art but never had any instruction. Much to my teacher's dismay, I often drew pictures on my homework when in school. Your show has taught me so much about painting. Thanks. I can relate to your painting style and Instruction. Over Thanksgiving weekend, my son and daughter-in-law took my 5 year old granddaughter and me to see the art museum at Washburn University in Topeka. I was very disappointed in what I saw. Many of the works depict ugliness and some are just inane. It alarms me that so much of the contemporary works in art, music, literature and drama dwell on the ugliness of the world. God created such a wonderful, fantastic world. I marvel at the beauty of a sunset or an old gnarly tree trunk. I want to capture as much of that beauty as possible on canvas. I live in a rural area which gives me so much inspiration for painting studies. I have done paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolor this past year.

By Keith Jeffrey

5   Dale, Tx, just se of Austin, United States ||  Dec 04 2018

Big fan, love ur pbs art classes. I am an artist also, acrylic, pen n ink, pencil, watercolor pencil, and markers. Getting set up to do my own prints for sale. Digital camera, canon printer, any pointers, tips or suggestions, Maybe a little help. Thanks.

By Linda

5   Hobart, IN, United States ||  Nov 20 2018

Since retiring in 2013, I have taken up painting again. I have discovered watercolor as my medium and have won several ribbons at the local fair in Lake County, IN but have never sold any of my artwork as yet. I enjoy your style of painting with acrylics and admire your talent. Recently, at an estate sale, I purchased over 300 bottles of acrylic paints with a stand too for only $40. I am now overwhelmed with all of the colors and am hesitant on using the acrylic paints. My question is How do I weed out some of the colors? What colors might I keep, for instance, for landscapes, or seascapes, or still life’s. Are there certain colors that you use and what might they be? This may help me immensionly. P,s. I always bless my paintings before I begin any painting. Once again, thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Happy Painting! 🎨

You can find all the colors Jerry uses by viewing his palette layouts available from the Yarnell Art Shop.
Once there you'll see the various mediums under the SUPPLY LIST heading.

By Nicki

5   Michigan, United States ||  Nov 13 2018

I was wondering what type of white paint is in your jar? It looks thick, someone said gesso. Is it?

Grumbacher Gesso -- we sell it in our online store. Jerry uses this in lieu of white paint. The consistency is like that of warm butter -- never ever runny.

By Laura Madison

5   Dallas, Oregon, United States ||  Nov 12 2018

Jerry Jerry Yarnell .. I have watched and enjoyed your shows and paintings for years ! I know this is a strange request but, IF YOU COULD PLEASE CLEAN THE DONNA DEWBERRY CONTAINER YOU USE FOR WATER TO THE LEFT OF YOUR PALETTE. IT'S THE SAME DIRTY WATER AND CONTAINER IN EVERY SHOW ! It's your preference to have a messy palette every show. But the same dirty water is not a practice you should be showing your viewers. I have learned so much from your painting shows, and I thank you for that ! But please clean the water container and the water on a regular basis. Yes, I know a strange thing to say, but needed to be said !

You may want to research that. Indeed many painters do keep their dirty water and prefer dirty water. Regardless, Jerry does begin his first taping session while in the production studio recording new TV Shows with clean water. However by the time he records 13 thirty-minute episodes, the water is in fact dirty.  

By Katie Sperry

5   Moscow, Idaho, United States ||  Nov 10 2018

Need prayer so very much for artistic efforts and ministry. 

We do have a separate prayer request area of our website. You can find it here:

Regardless, Jerry is happy to pray for you. God Bless.

By Evelyn

5   philadelphia , United States ||  Nov 08 2018

I just saw your video on brushes. The palm of the hand on a human being has many pores, thats why they get wet when we are nervous. cleaning a brush by rubbing it on the palm allows for pigments to be absorbed. I clean my brushes on a bar of soap, mostly Ivory so that I can see when clean. I wish that you would reconsider your technique as we want to keep you around a long time. Many artists like Bob Ross have passed early from diagnosis like cancers caused by pigments, solvents and not taking proper precautions. Those pigments are going to major important organs such as liver, pancreas, bladders where toxins are filtered and many remain. Ask your doctor.

You may want to read Jerry's bio as he is unbelieveably versed in cancer and what causes cancer. This is one of the reasons he discontinued using and does not allow traditional oils in his studio.

By Sherie Rodrigues

5   Australia, United States ||  Oct 25 2018

Dear Jerry and family. Hi, my name is Sherie. I just happened upon your video on YouTube via Pinterest. Good old Pinterest. I am so happy that you are well these days and are able to continue to spread your art. I am trying, very trying I've been told, to find the courage to watercolour. I have been inspired by many artists works, and you are today's inspiration. You explain everything so well, even for old ladies like myself. I am so happy to learn from you. Keep up the great work. I am now going to your shop. Fond regards. 🧡

By Theresa Jain

5   Lake Charles Louisiana, United States ||  Oct 22 2018

I recently bought my first painting dvd after watching your PBS show, found your teaching techniques very easy to follow ! Thank you !!!

By Lena Allen

5   Michigan, United States ||  Oct 17 2018

I just joined monthly Yarnell School Online (YSO), don't know if I can do this but gonna try...

You can do it! Remember the three P's !

By Connie Merchie

5   , United States ||  Oct 15 2018

Mr. Yarnell, I w5atch your series on Public TV as much as I can. Your a fascinating artist and teacher. I have been working with color pencils but I learn so much from you! If not in color and values but perspective and technique. Thank you for sharing with us!

By Wiley Traylor

5   Indiana, United States ||  Oct 15 2018

What is the best way for me to binge watch the episodes? We have cool rainy days coming and I can't imagine a more enjoyable afternoon than the fireplace, a pot of coffee, and watching one of the autumn paintings from start to finish without interruption.

By Scott Gavin

5   Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States ||  Oct 01 2018

I have discovered your TV show after recently retiring from a career as a graphic artist. I am a expert at watercolor painting, a novice at oil painting, and I've done a few acrylic paintings but since I tried to use acrylics like I use watercolors, they weren't very satisfying. I am really enjoying your programs. I might get inspired to trying using acrylics properly, and maybe even those newfangled water-mixable oils you talked about! Thanks!

By Doris Diaz

5   Phoenix az, United States ||  Sep 29 2018

Jerry I have watched you on television for many years and have learned so much from you. I also watched you on YouTube amazing the way you paint you are an awesome painter. I’m in a group and we do our chores around Phoenix and I have gotten quite a few commissions already when someone asked me where did I learn to paint I always say I learned a lot from Jerry Yarnell thank you for your wonderful programs on television God bless you.

By Karen Morgan

5   "The real Northern New York State" - Norwood, NY - 20 miles from the Canadian Border, United States ||  Sep 29 2018

I am a true lover of all types of art. I have played the organ at my church for 58 years - I love music. I am a crafter - since retiring from my position as an Administrative Assistant for 32 years (5 years ago), I have become a quilter. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and painting. My painting is probably the one craft/art that I haven't done a lot of. I enjoy watercolor and took a couple classes which evolved into a weekly group meeting of several of the people from the class. I loved it and looked forward to being with them and painting. I watch your show religiously every week and love watching you take a blank canvass and turn it into a "work of art". I would like to paint, but find it hard to fit into my schedule - retired people are busier then those who work a full-time position! I don't have a "space" to set up my paints and leave them, which means a lengthy process of getting everything out and made ready to paint - by then my time is "up" and I need to start dinner, etc. I appreciate all of the instruction you give when you are painting and demonstrating how to apply different techniques to accomplish the desired results - the mixing of colors, shading, etc. You are a great artist and teacher! I envy your location and wish I that I was closer to where you teach - the introduction to your program - the beautiful cabin and walkway - it is beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your gift of painting with so many thousands of people. Perhaps someday I will be able to get back to the canvas - I certainly have enough materials to work with - probably many of my paints have dried up or whatever happens to them. I am assuming that the main medium you use on your TV show is acrylic? Thank you again for sharing your expertise and gift of painting with all of us. Blessings.

By Deborah DeWald

5   Kentucky, United States ||  Sep 27 2018

I love watching your programs. I wish I had the talent you do. You take the time to explain why you do things, the effects, all the information is very helpful. I hope one day I can afford art supplies to ntil then I will keep watching. I have a photo that might do for a future painting. I hope it will go through.

By Jan Topacio

5   Fort Meade Fl, United States ||  Sep 21 2018

Look forward to your show every week. You are a great teacher! God Bless You.

By cindy saucerman

5   Stover,Mo.65078, United States ||  Sep 21 2018

I saw your program for the first time today and your web site piqued my curiosity. I was blessed to see you are a Christian and not too far away from the Ozarks! I enjoyed watching the show and have been motivated to start painting again.I did well in High School Art all 4 yrs., but its been almost 50yrs., since then. Lol I love creativity and and would like to improve my painting skills. I am considering maybe a day class to meet and learn what I can at your workshops. Thanks for your service and Tv show.

By Greg Davis

5   Knoxville Tennessee, United States ||  Sep 01 2018

I love to watch you paint. Would love to learn to paint My wife a d I are on disability and getting started is too costly .But I still love to watch you you are great

By Renee Scherer

5   1310 Willis Avenue, Syracuse, NY, United States ||  Aug 31 2018

I am interested in your online schooling. I want to become a certified artist and sell my paintings at craft and art shows. Please call me at 

By Wayne Braswell

5   Zuni,Va, United States ||  Aug 25 2018

Jerry so good that you are a little different from other artist, the difference is you are a saved man and always finish your show saying God Bless you. I have every one of your book even the newest one. You are the reason I 70 years old man started back painting. About 10 years ago I was in my wood working shop put the radio on BBN. This station is in Charlotte N.C. but it is all over the world. It was started right here close to me in Norfolk,va. Please try to find it and listen to it. One day I heard them talking about this on line Bible study course , so I checked it out. The Lord wanted me to get to know more about the Bible because he had plans for me. I don't know how I did it but it's a long course and a test at each end you take and hit submit. If you fail any one test you can continue but you won't pass it. I took my computer with me and any spare time I was going through these test It took me almost 4 years sometimes some of these preachers would use a word I would have to look up to figure out how to answer it. I would make a copy of every test and file it in books thinking I could help someone else take this course but had only 2 and they didn't last a month. Please check it out my radio is on in my studio 24/7 and I have it on all night when I sleep. Every day at 6 AM they play To God Be The Glory. God bless you and your wife. And if you come to Va. I will show you some cypress trees in the blackwater river or swamp at some places, and the root you see up around it are called cypress knees. Fly on out to God's country and visit the outer banks , I will hook you and your wife up at my son's restaurant Steamers. God Bless and remember To God Be The Glory

By Pat Miller Coy

5   PawPaw,Michigan, United States ||  Aug 22 2018

enjoy watching show and trying your technics,considering your suggestions on my art when I finish my current piece

By Barbara Wyland

5   Bonita Springs, Florida, United States ||  Aug 03 2018

Thank you Jerry for sharing your talent with us. It has helped me so much. Art is 1 percent perspiration and 99 percent inspiration, and watching your show has very much inspired me. I have become a much better artist because of you. Thank you again! And thank you Miss Donna! God Bless!

By Teresea

5   Tallahassee, Florida, United States ||  Aug 02 2018

Received my Wildlife Scenes in Acrylic book....thank you for the autograph. Going to bury my head in it and absorb it all. Ideas abounding just from quick look.

By Alan Bohl

5   Bossier City, LA, United States ||  Jul 30 2018

I attended Jerry's two day workshop recently. It was the single best workshop I've ever been involved with. I learned so much and he was very helpful. I look forward to going again and again.

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