By Sharolyn Hammers

5   Columbus, OH, United States ||  Jul 28 2015

Jerry, I am so happy to be following your instruction.  Before I retired from teaching, I wandered into an art class one day during my prep period.  I was encouraged to audit the class, and since I had never been encouraged to try painting, I decided to try it.  Amazingly, I discovered that I can put on canvas what is in my mind!  After that class, I painted from time to time; then I found your School of Fine Arts on PBS on WOSU.  I was so insecure about my painting that I wouldn't show my work to anyone.  But as I have painted along with your show, I now paint my own thank you cards, and they have been so enthusiastically received that I am getting a lot more bold about letting people see my work. I'm not sure that I'm ready to send a picture to you, but maybe soon.  I know you would give me good pointers for improvement. Thank you, Jerry, for your clear instruction and for giving me the confidence to try,  My sweet husband has made a small studio for me and I can go there at any time and paint.  I love it!  I would like so much to come to your school for some classes in person.  Maybe some day.  God bless you!   

By Eric Davies

5   Buffalo, NY, United States ||  Jul 26 2015

Hello, just stopping by to sign in and say how pleased to find the website/school. I have been searching for a way to get to the next plateau, as I find my paintings are flat and uninspiring these days ad I want to keep growing. I have signed up for the YSO and , I must say, I learned ten new techniques just from watching the snippets and the first lesson - The Homestead!   I am sold!  Jerry really is a wonderful teacher and  am planning to go for the certification program.  I am so impressed.

By John Durand

5   Porterville, CA, United States ||  Jul 25 2015

Jerry, just wanted to let you know your show is still on KNXT on Sat. It's now at a different time...2:30 PM. I am a big fan and have watched your shows going back well into the early 90's. Thanks so much for all the many years of Inspiration.

By Paul Fisher

5   East Syracuse, United States ||  Jul 24 2015

Hi Jerry, I've been a fan for 3 years now. I started painting to help with my PTSD (Viet Nam) and it really helps. I love the way you teach and have learned as much. One question,  how do you make clapboard siding on a house? Everything about the painting is coming out fine,  except for the clapboard. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work and "stay inspired ".

By Dottie H.

5   Minneola, FL, United States ||  Jul 16 2015

I am retired and was introduced to Jerry's TV programs by my 88 year old neighbor last year.  She records every lesson (Paint This), and I watch with her.  I love it, and have learned a lot, but am not an artist.  As a kid I often looked at the skies and wished I could paint them.  I almost think I've learned some very basic things now, that I could make a stab at it just for fun, but I would have to get the equipment.  Not sure I'm ready for that yet.   Until this past month, the TV programs all had closed captioning, which was so helpful to my neighbor who is very hearing impaired.  The two most recent series, on the "Partrich in the Rough" and The Blue Herrin (can't remember the painting's name just now), don't have the captions.  Does that mean that from now on there won't be closed captions for her?  She watches anyway, and catches what she can with the volume turned up!  Thanks for the lessons.

Sorry you are having trouble – but know that all of the Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® shows are closed-captioned – we are required to have closed captioning.  You’ll want to check the settings on the TV or check with your network if you continue having problems. Thank you.

By Carol

5   Austin, TX, United States ||  Jul 10 2015

Jerry, I just saw your TV show on PBS this morning.  I enjoyed the painting on the lightning & the ocean waves.  I grew up in Sand Springs, OK at the same time you were growing up in Tulsa.  We went to different high schools together!  Next time I go to Ok, I will come check out the studio in Skiatook.  I never had any art instruction, but have always loved art.  My current outlet is making art quilts.  Carol

By Mike Z

5   Pittsburgh PA, United States ||  Jun 23 2015

Jerry, I first saw your TV show about a year ago while visiting my son and his family in Wilmington, NC. I enjoyed that first show very much and made sure I saw every episode of "Paint This" that aired during that week. Upon returning home, I found your web site, joined YSO and have been a member ever since. Having had formal art training many years ago, I have never had an instructor explain the mechanics of painting, color mixing, the value system and composition as clearly and effectively as you have done. I've learned more from your videos than I ever have from all the other forms of art instruction I received. I'm starting to paint again but with a much clearer understanding of the basics. Thanks Jerry and YSO! Can't wait for July's video release!

By Denice L

5   Missouri, United States ||  Jun 04 2015

Hello,  I watch your programs on CreateTV KMOS thru DirecTV on Mondays and Fridays  11:30 am.   Also, on Sundays from TV Station KETC St. Louis, Mo. (PBS) 4:30 pm.  My question is:  when you paint any picture in any mediums - do you try to paint odd numbers items within each picture.  I know you talk about the different paint values.    Thank you for your shows.

By Richard K

5   New York, United States ||  Jun 04 2015

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your wonderful instructional DVD's and online school. You have opened up a new world to me. You have a great instructor's style and I would love to attend one of your live workshops someday. Thanks again.

By Lynne

5   Newton, KS, United States ||  Jun 01 2015

<p>I attended my first class on May 26-27, 2015 and loved everything about it. As I walked through the doors for the first time, I heard inside me....."YOUR HOME"! And yes, I felt that way!  It is what I have been wanting to learn for a long time.  I struggled some with the newness of it all but found Jerry's teaching was very heartfelt and encouraging.  Thank you Jerry.  I plan to return as soon as I can get my head around what I can commit to but for sure I will be back.  Even though I travel 3 hrs one way I know by far this teaching of fine art will one day lend itself to becoming a fine art ARTIST.  NOW its practice, practice, practice and bring back what I have learned and ready for the next lesson.  I will be in touch for sure. Lynne'

By David

5   Lino Lakes, MN, United States ||  May 30 2015

I joined your Yarnell School Online and watch your videos.  I have been painting as a hobby for a couple years and I find your instruction very helpful.  I would love to see you paint a Minnesota Lake scene---any idea when you might do something from Minnesota for the online school?  Keep up the good work!!

By Nicki Balasa

5   Chicago, United States ||  May 26 2015

Enrolled in your school, watch you on PBS. Worried about you guys because of all the rain and flooding. Hope you are all fine.

Yes, we're safe despite constant 'flash-flood' warnings.  Thank you for checking! Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By peggy

5   , United States ||  May 23 2015

Love, love,love your watercolor please show us more watercolorThank you, learn so much from you.

By Irene Holtzhauer

5   Claremore, OK, United States ||  May 18 2015

I recently won one of your paintings in a drawing. I love it and will cherish it always. I was so excited when they called me, I never win anything. <div>When I saw this painting I immediately fell in love with it. You do amazing and beautiful work. You are truly blessed! 

By Diana Deiley

5   Nokomis, FL, United States ||  May 17 2015

I have been a long time dedicated fan and truly enjoy and appreciate the soul of your artwork.  I see what you see but am not always able to put on canvas exactly what you teach.  However I listen and hear you and have learned a lot.  Not everything is perfect, but perfect is in the eye of the beholder.   I share with you a closeness to God as I too had a moment with Him when diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010.  When you give it to God, he will take care of you.  Your paintings reflect your closeness with God.  You are truly blessed, and we are blessed to have you.  Thank you for all that you do.

By Lynda

5   Bath, United Kingdom ||  May 15 2015

Just wanted to say how excellent your tuition is. I subscribe to but can't seem to leave a review on my iPad. All your little videos are so helpful and informative and leave me feeling confident enough to construct my own painting. Please keep them coming.

By Kathie Panting

5   New York, United States ||  May 15 2015

Love your show but I'm just waiting for a new painting.  I have seen and painted the last 3.  Do you know when that would be.  Anything you do is just fine with me.  I love your work.  TC Kathie

Contact your network to see what the hold-up is.  We have lots of shows and lots of new shows that haven’t yet aired.  Feedback from viewers like you helps us to stay on TV. Thank you! Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By Rick Clausi

5   Calabash,NC, United States ||  May 07 2015

I thoroughly enjoy your tv show on PBS and have learned so much from them. I am a retired teacher that has taken up the brushes again and have began my second career as an aspiring artist. After several years, I am luckily beginning to sell my works at a decent price and am encouraged to continue to grow. I would someday love to to take a trip to your studio to meet you and take some lessons. Keep up the great job and thanks for all the help.

By Loretta

5   NC, United States ||  Apr 24 2015

<p>Love the painting instruction on our local PBS channel.  I was wondering if you have done a Victorian style building or dwelling?  That would be a fun painting class. 

By Bess Parker

5   Paragould, AR, United States ||  Apr 14 2015

I just wanted to thank you for your services.  I started watching your television show and then signed up for the online school in January.  I have learned so much from you.  You are an excellent teacher, and I appreciate everything you do.  I love your work; everything you paint is beautiful.  You are very skilled and talented.  I didn't think I could do anything with an art degree when I was younger.  That was a mistake because I think people will always go back to what they love to do.  I feel like I wasted the last 20 years, but thankfully I am at a time in my life where I can devote my time in creating art.  There is no greater feeling than creating something that comes from within your heart.  So, thank you again.  I hope you have a blessed day.

By Arden

5   Snohomish, WA, United States ||  Apr 12 2015

I have been watching your show for about 3-years, purchased several DVDs and books to teach myself acrylic painting. You do a great job teaching be it on TV, DVD, or book. I am interested in YSO but would like to know if it is compatible with a Kindle Fire. Thanks again for doing a great job.

Videos inside YSO - do play in all major browsers in all devices. Before registering, we do recommend that you try some of them out from our preview page (for free of cost) at


By Nolie Hesse

5   Palm Desert, CA, United States ||  Mar 25 2015

I attended the workshop in Rancho Cucamonga. Rich Fischer, certified Yarnell instructor, was very good. He teaches the methods that Jerry has alwys done. He is a fine artist in his own rigt and has won many awards. He is gracious, talented and has the ability to teach each of us at our own level. I went to the class in Mesa, AZ last Oct. and have signed in for the one this Oct. I encourge anyone wanting to take the class to do so!!  My best to Rich and his lovely wife.

By Rick Bell

5   Utah, United States ||  Mar 19 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the information and educational opportunity to learn painting you provide. A long time ago a friend tried to get me into painting while I served in the Army. I loved the great master painters and even had a chance to visit the Louvre while in France. I could have spent months there, but only had the day. I could have spent a lot of time at "Painters Square" too! I was determined to learn to paint. I was doing well and had some of the local painters even encourage me to enter an oil painting I had completed while I was stationed in Germany. Sadly, it met a very bad end as the wind blew it and it landed paint down and with to much oil mixed into the paint. Then I left the military, I continued to paint and enjoyed myself very much. There was a show or two on TV that taught some painting, but nothing with the scope of information you have on your show. Time went on and the painting got set aside with work and family, I didn't have much time as many with families can attest. The years have passed and I have watched you for years, hoping to get going again, but not quit making it. I got started and stopped a few times but didn't keep going. I have several of your VHS tapes and have watched them many times. Like many things as they age, injuries suffered in the military and the famous over 50 years of age have hit and slowed me down considerably, but my resolve grows to paint and I am ready to make a serious start once again. <br>I hope one day soon to visit you in Oklahoma or here in Utah and take some classes with you. I have been very much influenced in my style to paint by you and by a local artist, Jon McNaughton. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the "Yarnell School of Fine Art" and the things you do to teach us starter painters how to make a passion a pleasure. Thank you Jerry and God Bless you and your family!

By Lynn Davis

5   Hattiesburg,Ms 39402, United States ||  Mar 13 2015

I have been watching your series on Ms Broadcast "Createtv" for several years.I am amazed how much I have learned. You are so detail with your instruction.Thank you for your ministry and educational series. I am a retired cosmetologist but I LOVE To PAINT. I started about 20 years ago with a local artist. Keep, keeping on !!!! God bless you   LDavis Ms  

By Devon Thacker

5   Raccoon, United States ||  Mar 12 2015

I'm trying to get into your class in Elizabethtown Ky. This is closest you have been that I can attend your classes. I would truly love to meet you I have studied your books and want to learn from and artist I have admired for years. I also have watched you on PBS. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the want to be artist.Sincerely Devon Thacker

Thank you, Devon.  Please do check your email and voice mail, Devon, as we have replied to you direct.

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