1906 Big Ears, Part 2

In the second episode, Jerry gives a brief overview of the “portrait smooth” surface that he’s chosen for this painting by using sanding and extra layers of gesso.  He explains that students can also use linen or un-tempered masonite for portraits. He also explains the purpose of the wooden peg pieces on back of canvases or another easy method to shrink the canvas. Jerry has sketched in the Kudu’s outline. He recommends using small soft vine charcoal to do the sketch but sketch lightly (not harsh) so you can adjust if needed. Using #4 or #6 bristle brush, he begins to block in the animal and then a #4 flat sable to outline basic antlers. Then returns to #4 bristle brush to add lighter area of Kudu’s neck and body front.

Date Released On: 2/17/2016
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

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