1902 In the Shadow of Giants, Part 2

In episode 2, Jerry adds silver-lining to clouds with #4 round sable and use of soft, segmented broken lines that add dimension and edge with the skimming technique. Jerry has already pre-sketched his elephants to save time during the episode however he carefully discusses the sketching process of the elephants with soft-vine charcoal being careful to sketch delicately and lightly. Jerry also provides a quick discussion on the negative space rule for drawing and sketching. Next moving to groundwork with #6 bristle brush, scrubs in dirt / dead grass. Next using synthetic chisel-edge brush #10 for big elephant we begin building animals from dark to light being sure to pull inward versus outward with brush. Use smaller chisel-edge brush #4 for work on smaller baby elephants.

Date Released On: 2/1/2016
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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