Yarnell School of Fine Art
Yarnell School of Fine Art

Joseph (Jerry) Yarnell

Author of 13 books and hundreds of TV shows and DVDs on painting instruction, Jerry Yarnell is an internationally known wildlife, western, and landscape artist and winner of 150 national awards. Jerry Yarnell has been teaching people how to paint through print, television, and in person for over 30 years. His new television program “Paint This with Jerry Yarnell®” is a culmination of all those years of painting and teaching experience. His new program has already been widely recognized as his best work ever! 

In 2009 Jerry discontinued promoting his old shows “Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art” and separated himself from all previous affiliation with Company "Yarnell Art" to include Jerry's former website. In 2010 as part of a bold move and massive undertaking, Jerry began recording all new materials for his new TV Show "Paint This with Jerry Yarnell®", for his portfolio of DVD instructional materials, and for his new 24/7 school Yarnell School Online. While Jerry’s legal business name remains Yarnell Studio & School of Fine Art, LLC, his new and only official teaching website is now www.YarnellSchool.com -- easily recognized by his signature gold, dripping paintbrush logo and royal blue background color. 

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