Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® Beginner Acrylic Kit

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You've been asking about this for a while and now here it is!  Jerry has designed the Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® "Beginner Acrylic Kit" for you so that you can get started with the right foundation, art supplies, and teaching materials! Our student requests for this set have been fantastic, and we are so happy to finally make this new product offering available in one package! Be aware: Items in this Kit were hand-selected by Jerry and are different than what you see in Kits being sold that "appear" to be from Jerry. Check all items listed before you purchase a Kit that may not be from Jerry's authentic and only teaching website This is the only site where you can get your books autographed by Jerry.

The Paint This with Jerry Yarnell®  "Beginner Acrylic Kit" includes:

  • Sta-Wet Acrylic Palette Saver which also includes the sta-wet sponge and the acrylic palette paper
  • Eleven (11) 2-oz tubes of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint - the same color selection that Jerry uses every day!
  • Three (3) 12" x 16" Fredrix Canvas Boards
  • Grumbacher Gesso - 16 oz. Tub
  • Jerry's Signature Acrylic Brush Set of EIGHT (8) brushes which include:   2" Hake Brush, #10, #6, #4, and #2 Flat Bristle Brushes; #4 Round Sable, #4 Flat Sable, and #4 Script Liner (all 8 are Yarnell Signature Brushes which cannot be "legally" purchased elsewhere).
  • Soft-Vine Charcoal
  • Palette Knife
  • Water Basin
  • Jerry's Book "Basics." (Jerry will gladly autograph this for you. Use the drop-down box below to get autograph.)
  • Jerry's Snippet Series, Vol. 1, "Getting Started" DVD:  Pallet set-up, Brush & Canvas types, Proper Brush Use, Preparing Canvases, Understanding Pallet, Using Color Wheel, Mixing Black & Grays, Graying a Color and Mixing Flesh Tones.
  • Jerry's Snippet Series, Vol. 2, "Getting Started" DVD: Painting basic clouds, rocks, fog & mist, pine trees, tree limbs, tree trunks, mountains, sky blending and a grassy meadow.

 Set yourself up for fine-art painting success today!


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Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® Complete "Beginner Signature Set"
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