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    Alan Behunin, Jan-17-2017, Tacloban, Philippines
Dear Jerry,

I am a former member of your online school. We I cancelled my membership I stated that I wasn't improving. Right after that I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I have been undergoing treatment for a year now. Thankfully I am almost finished with the treatment. I didn't paint during the treatment. I want you to know I have been blessed by God. I have just finished my chemotherapy and I am starting to get stronger. I have started painting again and my work is the best I have ever done. I know it is because I remember the lessons you taught. I also think that I am different now and I am not as critical of myself, I am really enjoying painting. I am not putting so much pressure on myself. I thank you so much for the lessons and the things you have taught me. I hope when I am finished with the rest of my treatment that I will be able to be a member again. Thank you again for all your help and may God bless you and everyone at your school.  Alan

Alan, thank you for your posting and for sharing your story.

God Bless you, Stay Inspired, and Keep Painting!

Very appreciatively yours,

Jerry & Donna Yarnell

    Patti, Jan-02-2017, Kenosha WI, United States
Hi, Jerry! I am always learning and improving based upon your work! You are another "Painter of Light", and as I also honor the Lord, I find He blesses my skill-development thru your experience. I compare my art to yours and find what needs improvement, and I also find that copying for the sake of learning really advances my understanding. All the best artists are copied. 
I also learned to be sparing with the paint correctly, and apply it thinly, rather than go at it "impasto"-like. Your layers are smooth, and that's one thing I have to develop as I work with my preference acrylic. A proper gradation of values between light and dark is always successful, and I have to take the time and thought to make that happen. 
So, I am always thanking the Lord for you and your shows, because I feel He uses your art more than others to get me to painting better.
    Mike Z, Dec-27-2016, Pittsburgh, United States
Dear Jerry,

I first contacted you about three years ago after seeing your program while visiting my son in North Carolina. I immediately joined YSO and as I said back then, it is the best investment I ever made in art training. I have spent most of the last three years watching your shows and re-learning the basics. One of the most interesting video series to me has been A Perfect Pair.  I have several questions and some observations:

1.) While watching the video, I have come to understand that you actually apply much thinner layers of paint to the canvas than I originally thought. When I painted in the past it has always bothered me that I left "hard edges" because I didn't feather the paint sufficiently. However I am now of the opinion that a lot of my problems were also due to thickness of the paint I applied to the canvas. If my observations are correct, I think it would be helpful if you would put more  emphasis on this point.  
2.) Your landscape paintings are what originally drew me to watch Paint This. I have enjoyed watching and learning from each one of those videos. However I think A Perfect Pair was one of the best if not the best video for demonstrating the importance of value change in a painting. My father was a photographer and taught me about depth of field and how using that technique properly improved photographs, especially with portraits. The amount of time and effort that went into painting the pine boughs in A Perfect Pair were actually more essential to the realism of that painting than the birds themselves.
3.) I always enjoy the "mess" disclaimer you frequently give when doing under-painting, especially on the landscapes. I must tell you that I never have difficulty seeing where you are going with that part of the process and now understand how that part of the process is essential to achieving the "looseness" that has always eluded me in the past. 
4.) I just finished watching part two of A Perfect Pair. As in many of your other videos you mentioned the need for practice and the time it takes to develop your skills. I think that I might have finally grasped that point. Thank you for that reminder. I have also come to appreciate the level of detail and skill that would be needed to produce "museum quality" work. A good framing carpenter would need to develop better skills and have better equipment if he or she intends to become a cabinet maker.  

In closing I want to thank you for the expert instruction. I appreciate the emphasis on the basic techniques and concepts. I have never had an instructor provide the technical detail that you do. It is very much appreciated. I always look forward to the next painting coming from YSO.

Mike Z
Pittsburgh, PA 
    John Pollard, Dec-26-2016, St. Paul MN, United States
I enjoy your tutorials and have learned many new and helpful techniques. Thank you for bringing honor to our wonderful God and Savior! John.
    Philip Bright, Dec-15-2016, Gresham, Oregon, United States
Mr. Yarnell,  I have been incarcerated for over 18 years and during the majority of that time I have made it a point not to miss your PBS broadcast on Mondays and Fridays whenever possible.  I never drew at all before and I started out in colored pencil always wanting to paint.  As I drew cards for my family's birthdays and Christmases mostly I started to get quite good using a lot of your educational input.  I branched out into making my own watercolors out of breaking down colored pencils and making brushes out of peoples hair.  I was asked to paint for the Native Powwow to which they gave me a box of acrylic paints, some brushes and a box of 19x24 canvases.  Also We donated a lot of paintings to a ministry in Bend Or. that supports an orphanage in Africa.  I am out now and have been loving your wonderful web site and look forward to enjoying your broadcasts even more.  I am a Christian and I thank you for helping me develop what I hope to be a satisfactory business in art of my own.  God Bless You.  Sincerely Phil Bright

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