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    Dick Bowes, Mar-21-2017, New York, United States
Thanks for your shows,Jerry, you taught me a lot.The problem I have is i'm half deaf and rely on closed captions for your shows. Do your dvds have closed captions?
    Jeni Centers, Mar-20-2017, Mt. Orab, Ohio, United States
I love watching your shows, it's very inspiring. I've learned a lot by watching you. I wish I lived closer so I could attend your classes. I'm just starting to get into my own drawing & painting. I find it very relaxing. I just would like to Thank You for your amazing shows. I get up early just to watch your shows, because I do not want to miss them. Keep painting those breath taking drawings.
    Ann Watson, Mar-17-2017, Carthage, North Carolina, United States
Jerry, I have been watching your "Paint This" show for quite a while now and I just today decided to try your web site. I found the info about you being a minister and it caught my eye, being a child of the King myself. I listened to your sermon and watched you paint and was so inspired by you. I thank God that He has saved you to carry on His Word. You have a wonderful ministry! I wish you lived closer to me so that you could come to my church. I'm an artist but I've never been brave enough to do much with selling my works. But I love to paint for people. Like you, I love to see the happy faces. I'm not the greatest but God has blessed me enough to share it with my friends and family. I would love to be able to take your classes but that is just a dream of mine. May God bless you in all you do!! And if you're ever going to be near Pinehurst, North Carolina please let me know. God bless!
Thank you.  God Bless you! Jerry & Donna
    Paul Fisher, Mar-16-2017, East Syracuse. NY, United States
I've been a member for three years now and have learned so much from your website. I especially like the snippets. There are a lot of great tips.
My paintings are now getting a lot of attention. I've even done a couple of commission jobs. So thanks for everything and God bless you and Ms. Donna.

Thanks for your kind feedback, Paul!

God Bless you and keep painting!

Jerry and Donna

    Cheyl Jones, Mar-16-2017, East LIverpool, Oh, United States
Good Morning Jerry & Donna! I have recently begun to replenish my spirit and my studio after the loss of my husband of 39 yrs. from lung & brain cancer. For the past year, I have been unable to even clear my mind enough to pick up my brushes (I have painted for 40 yrs), but on the week of his passing this month I suddenly snapped out of my fog, and began watching many of your cds & books I had purchased from you in the past. I now feel a renewed sense of picking up where I left off 3 yrs. ago today. I give thanks to God, and for helping me find my way back to your painting lessons and methods. You once did me the honor of critiquing my painting of cardinals in a snowy pinee tree, and told me refreshing came to your mind. Thank you so much Jerry & Ms. Donna for providing me with orders so promptly, and helping me to once again ,to begin again-something I know that Jerry is all-too familiar with. God Bless you both, and I wish you continued success with all of your endeavors!  Sincerely, Cheryl Jones
Thank you Cheryl, God Bless!

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