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    Mark, Nov-19-2014, Scranton, United States
Hi Jerry, this is Mark from Scranton again. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching you paint the cityscape. As you said, it was something different for you to do and I agree. I'm going to have to paint my own cityscape sometime, which I have thought of, just haven't worked it in yet. You mentioned adding stars to your painting, and I would add some. Actually, I was thinking of doing a cityscape of Scranton with a fireworks display. Again, great subject matter for a painting and you did a nice job on the painting, loved watching it come together! Thanks for your inspirations
    Karen K. Clark, Nov-10-2014, St. Louis, MO, United States
I love your television shows.  I have watched various artists but enjoy your shows the most, for a variety of reasons.
I wonder if you do portraits also.
    Terry Giboney, Nov-07-2014, Kansas City, United States
Well Jerry....I wasn't crazy about you at first.  they took Bob Ross off three days a week and put you in.  However..after a few weeks, I was looking for YOU  instead of Bob Ross! LOL Great you...I was going to say how cute you are  but then I read the ministry, prayer, things..and though spiritual I felt telling you, you are cute might be....hmmmm get me in trouble! Oh well!
    Renee Hubble, Nov-06-2014, Michigan, United States
   I have perchased  your books and cds , many of them.  I have painted 4 of your paintings with you like step by beautiful step ,  2 winter sceens  and the stone wall.  Because of the copy write laws can I present them ?  please respond back and let me know.  thank you so much for your guidance . in painting      I paint every day in my studio and love it!  thanks. 
You can find that answer from the FAQs section of Jerry’s website. These are answers to questions that Jerry has answered over the years, and they are a FREE resource for Jerry’s students. We emailed you as well.
    Deborah Allegri, Nov-05-2014, Skykomish Washington, United States
Thank you so much Jerry, I live up in the mountains, and am so thankful for your TV shows. I watch them and study them. You have inspired my heart to paint and I want to thank you for your instructions. Your the best!  I just wanted to let you know how I love painting now! Debbie

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