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    Mary Carter, Oct-01-2014, North Carolina, United States
Just watched a video of you preaching in Arizona, it was a powerful message on "why prayer not answered".  Thank you for the message and for your wonderful TV show.  I started painting (although I had always drawn since a child) when I was about to retire.  I took some classes at a local college, and have taken other classes over the years.  However, I learned the most when I found your TV show.  I was blessed to be able to come to your studio several years ago for your open class.   I knew it was different from other classes I had attended, but didn't realize why until a fellow attendee from California clued me in.  He told me he was so happy to come to your studio since you were a Christian, and the groups in his area were very atheistic.  God bless you and watch over you as you use your talents to share with others.
    Jane S., Sep-27-2014, Wirtz, VA, United States
Watching Jerry and learning from his explanations as he works is so relaxing. I would truly love to watch him paint a moonlight winter night in the country, where the snow crystals reflect moonlight. Wonderful memories of my childhood when I'd go outdoors just to sit and enjoy the incredible serenity and beauty of the snow at night. Snow drifts around the farm buildings and clinging to pine trees.  Warm light shining from the farmhouse windows and smoke rising from the chimney.
    Constance, Sep-27-2014, Cleveland, Texas, United States
I have always watched your shows, they are great!  I have contacted PBS station, channel 8 about this problem with no results so I thought maybe you might help.  I record all your shows and when I want to choose a recorded one to watch there is a different title to the show.  It will show morning fog for a completely different show. This happens every time. So it's very difficult to find the show I want to watch because it will have a different title. Hope you can help, thankyouConstance Kinnison
Unfortunately, we have no control over this, Constance. Our students have the best success by contacting their PBS network directly. They also mention at times they have to be a 'broken record' by contacting PBS repeatedly.
    Cheri Kaufman, Sep-26-2014, Moundridge, Kansas, United States
I am 71 and new to learning to paint. I watch all your programs and  it has helped me so much. I just wish I lived closer to you to take your classes. Keep up the good work.
    Tony D., Sep-25-2014, Janesville, Wis., United States
I called PBS, too and they assured me that Jerry will be back on Create TV in Wisconsin as soon as his new series is available. His older shows have cycled through the lineup, they say. They've received many calls and tell me he will be aired again. Exactly when , I don't know.
Our shows Paint This With Jerry Yarnell will air again on Create TV beginning October 10.

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