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    Pari, Nov-30-2015, Boston, United States
Hello Jerry,  This is Pari from Boston.  I am very glad to see back on Create .  Loved the watercolor painting  Learn some of the technique you thought. You are just amazing instructor.  I have learn a lot from your shows on create for past five years.  Thank you for the wonderful teaching technique. Pari
    Len Nugent, Nov-28-2015, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I'm so sorry I was unaware that your original wife had passed. My condolences. You should have your wife on your show once in a while, I assume that without her the show would not exist. Keep up the great work. Your show plays here on KSPS every Monday at 2 PM. So everything I have to on a Monday I scheduled around that time on a Monday. For me it's the most important painting show on T.V. Thank you for continuing on when the times got tough. Thank You again.Len 
    Thomas Werts, Nov-26-2015, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I watched the show for the first time today & really enjoyed it. I'll continue to follow. I may one day give painting a try looking forward to the future Thomas Werts New Orleans,  LA
    Chuck Baldwin, Nov-23-2015, Golden, United States
My painting 'career' began about four years ago after I retired.  I had never painted before, but always wanted to try it.  I started with Bob Ross classes but felt I could do more.  Then I discovered Jerry Yarnell.  After watching a few of his videos and then spending a week at his studio early last year, my painting has gone to a whole new level.  For those who are serious about their painting - take advantage of his YSO (Yarnell School On-Line).  This is truly a fabulous resource and will help you immensely as each snippet and full painting videos will help you vastly improve your painting skills.  And last but not least, have Jerry critique your work.  For $35 to critique up to 3 paintings, these phone sessions are extremely helpful and a bargain and its always enjoyable to have a few minutes to talk with Jerry one-on-one.Let me say that it is very satisfying when people see my paintings and tell me what a great artist I am (even though I know I'm not and there is a lot of improvement yet to be done).  Thank you Jerry for your support, inspiration, and encouragement.  God bless
    Kay Bell, Nov-23-2015, Kimball, Mi, United States
I was so excited this morning watching Jerry painting the Maltnomah Falls. I was visiting there in September and took lots of pictures of the falls. Made it up on the bridge that he's painting. I am so impressed how his paintings develope into beautiful works of art. My New Years resolution will be to keep watching Jerry and try to create my own paintings! Don't want to miss the next episodes of him painting the falls.

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