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    Joanne, Dec-28-2014, Auburn, New York, United States
Hi Jerry, Just wanted you to know, you are, by far, my favorite TV painting artist.  I have watched Bob Ross, Bill Alexander and also Barbara Harris. I am not an oil painter, I have only done acrylic paintings. I don't have too many in my collection, but have been wanting to do a acrylic painting of my German Shepherd Dog, Koa...I was wondering, sometime in your future, if you could be so kind and do a German Shepherd Dog painting. I would so greatly appreciate it. If you couldn't, could you please send me some pointers on my subject. Koa is your typical black and tan/red color shepherd.  I do realize it may take some time for you to get to it, with all the requests you get of other subjects.  Thank You so kindly, Joanne Reeves
    Susan Harris, Dec-27-2014, Winnfield, LA, United States
Dear Jerry.....I watch your show on KETZ. I have been watching the painting shows PBS has offered for over 30 years. All the way back to Bill Alexander (I am showing my age!) They have all been good and enhanced my skills along. But your show is exceptional! I have learned more about technique in the last few months than all the other years combined. Thank you for giving those of us who have been unable to receive formal training a real opportunity to learn and grow. Hope to sign up for your online classes soon. God bless you and Ms Donna! Thank you! Susan
    JoAnne Waltenburg, Dec-12-2014, Greenville, SC, United States
I was glad your program returned to the local station this fall. Occasionally I will miss a program and wonder how you painted a certain area. I was wondering if it would be possible to capture the progress of a painting in, say  30 seconds or less on each show as a help to those of us who missed a part.  I know your time is limited on air, but I think a recap would be a unique addition and would probably not be too difficult to make from previous shows.     Thanks   JoAnne
    Midge McLean, Dec-02-2014, Jonesborough, TN, United States
I'm SO GLAD you are back on the local PBS Create Station!!  I'm just a beginning painter and LOVE your instruction!

    cathy smith, Nov-23-2014, bladenboro nc, United States
I am so very blessed to be able to study with the wonderful paints and brushes and instructional matter. I have been teaching myself to paint for about 48 years with any paint that I could get and it was always the cheep kind and it has been so frustrating. I have been able to paint landscapes and people say I do real good, but they don't know what I have had to go through just to do what  I love to do, but your paints and brushes and other materials have opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for making these paints available and affordable. God Bless You, my friend in Christ.

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