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    carolyn gonzalez, Aug-18-2016, Texas, United States
hi Jerry, Some years back, you came to a little town called Cedar Hill, Texas.  I was so blessed to be able to have 2 days of painting with you in that class. I have never forgotten what I learned.  It was the most fun and inspirational class I have ever attended. Thank you ! God Bless you Carolyn
    Kristine Bohrer, Aug-04-2016, Woodbury, MN, United States
I've only been painting acrylics along with Jerry's teachings, but I got a bug to try "Oil" over my last acrylic painting. Of course I thought I was smart and could buy general paint, thinner, linseed from Michaels, but the smell is too much for me, and I didn't enjoy that attempt at ALL. Do the products for doing oil that Jerry sells omit the odor issue? Thanks. Still love painting.
    Daundra, Aug-03-2016, Souhwest Michigan, United States
Der Sir I have been watching for some time now.  Two years ago we were visiting our daughter in Collinsville, OK and tried to find your studio, got caught in a storm and had to go back to Collinsville.  I Pray for you and your family, love your teaching and of course your art.  I have to many OLD habits to get over, PPP and am a brush protector, I have brushes from the late 1950's that look like new...hahaha. I did so want to be a colorist in my youth, but had a family, so coloring was with my children, now grand children and g-grandchildren. Keep up the great work, you have a God given talent as an artist and teacher.  Thanks for the many hours of watching what comes out of your mind through your hand extended through a brush.  You need to see our Lake Michigan. In His service. Daundra Baker
    John williams, Aug-01-2016, Kendrick oklahoma, United States
Jerry, I have followed your painting lessons since 1988.  I cannot express in appropriate words the joy and wonder the time and pleasure I have seen in the time I have received in my paintings.  I thank you for your God given talent and your great lessons.
    Sergio Estrada, Jul-24-2016, Hawthorne, United States
I love your show, ive learned sooo many techniques. i would love if you could do city landscapes, like building and streets.

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