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    Nolie Hesse, Mar-25-2015, Palm Desert, CA, United States
I attended the workshop in Rancho Cucamonga. Rich Fischer, certified Yarnell instructor, was very good. He teaches the methods that Jerry has alwys done. He is a fine artist in his own rigt and has won many awards. He is gracious, talented and has the ability to teach each of us at our own level. I went to the class in Mesa, AZ last Oct. and have signed in for the one this Oct. I encourge anyone wanting to take the class to do so!!  My best to Rich and his lovely wife.
    Rick Bell, Mar-19-2015, Utah, United States
I just wanted to thank you for the information and educational opportunity to learn painting you provide. A long time ago a friend tried to get me into painting while I served in the Army. I loved the great master painters and even had a chance to visit the Louvre while in France. I could have spent months there, but only had the day. I could have spent a lot of time at "Painters Square" too! I was determined to learn to paint. I was doing well and had some of the local painters even encourage me to enter an oil painting I had completed while I was stationed in Germany. Sadly, it met a very bad end as the wind blew it and it landed paint down and with to much oil mixed into the paint. Then I left the military, I continued to paint and enjoyed myself very much. There was a show or two on TV that taught some painting, but nothing with the scope of information you have on your show. Time went on and the painting got set aside with work and family, I didn't have much time as many with families can attest. The years have passed and I have watched you for years, hoping to get going again, but not quit making it. I got started and stopped a few times but didn't keep going. I have several of your VHS tapes and have watched them many times. Like many things as they age, injuries suffered in the military and the famous over 50 years of age have hit and slowed me down considerably, but my resolve grows to paint and I am ready to make a serious start once again.
I hope one day soon to visit you in Oklahoma or here in Utah and take some classes with you. I have been very much influenced in my style to paint by you and by a local artist, Jon McNaughton. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the "Yarnell School of Fine Art" and the things you do to teach us starter painters how to make a passion a pleasure. Thank you Jerry and God Bless you and your family!
    Lynn Davis, Mar-13-2015, Hattiesburg,Ms 39402, United States
I have been watching your series on Ms Broadcast "Createtv" for several years.I am amazed how much I have learned. You are so detail with your instruction.Thank you for your ministry and educational series. I am a retired cosmetologist but I LOVE To PAINT. I started about 20 years ago with a local artist. Keep, keeping on !!!! God bless you   LDavis Ms  
    Devon Thacker, Mar-12-2015, Raccoon, United States
I'm trying to get into your class in Elizabethtown Ky. This is closest you have been that I can attend your classes. I would truly love to meet you I have studied your books and want to learn from and artist I have admired for years. I also have watched you on PBS. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the want to be artist.Sincerely Devon Thacker
Thank you, Devon.  Please do check your email and voice mail, Devon, as we have replied to you direct.
    David Lawson, Mar-05-2015, Joplin, Missouri, United States
My mom passed away a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to let you know that watching your show with her family had been the highlight of her week for the last couple of years. Thank you for bringing a little beauty into her life. David
Thank you for sharing, David. God Bless you. Jerry  &  Donna Yarnell

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