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    Mary Wood, Apr-12-2017, Rocky mount, United States
I have just found your painting program on UNC TV here in Ncn.  Can you explain to me why all teachers begin painting a tree with a brown color?  Trees are brown only if dead.  Sorry but trees are grey.  I enjoy your program very much.  God has richly blessed you with a good eye.  Continue using the talent God gave you.
Thank you

    Janet Moore, Apr-05-2017, Lillington NC, United States
Hi Jerry.  I love watching you and the other artists on UNC TV.  I feel as if I am learning from you.  One thing I wish you would talk about is your palette.  I was taught to keep the pallete clean which is very hard to do with water color.   I notice your palette is the dirtier than mine.  How do you use it and not get the paints muddy?
    Lorry, Mar-31-2017, Vermont, United States
Hi Jerry
Love to watch your painting shows. Im teaching myself to paint. I love it. Funny thing is when I was in middle school i wanted to be an artist. I couldnt draw as well as my classmates. Now Im 56 I just started painting. Im so surprised. Its my therapy! The show you did with a mailbox. You said the mailbox post was in a grain can? Its actually a milk can. My dad use to pick up milk from farms in Vermont an this is what milk was put in many years ago from farms. I wish I had a couple of them now. I hope you continue to have your shows on PBS for along time. Youre awesome!!!
    Dick Bowes, Mar-21-2017, New York, United States
Thanks for your shows,Jerry, you taught me a lot.The problem I have is i'm half deaf and rely on closed captions for your shows. Do your dvds have closed captions?
    Jeni Centers, Mar-20-2017, Mt. Orab, Ohio, United States
I love watching your shows, it's very inspiring. I've learned a lot by watching you. I wish I lived closer so I could attend your classes. I'm just starting to get into my own drawing & painting. I find it very relaxing. I just would like to Thank You for your amazing shows. I get up early just to watch your shows, because I do not want to miss them. Keep painting those breath taking drawings.

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