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    David Graca, Jan-23-2016, Medford Oregon, United States
Jerry, I'm a beginer & have been following you for a couple years now, want to say thanks for the inspiration and techniques. Now I need the confidence!
    Jean Doyle, Jan-22-2016, St Paul, MN, United States
Correction to TV time in Minnesota: in St Paul it is TPT3 at  7:30 am (not pm) on Friday. It has been at this time for many years. Alternative mediums: I have avoided oil paints for many years due to the odors of linseed oil and turpentine.  I recently took a local class and they used walnut oil and Gamsol, neither of which had any odor, and were considered safe. This was required at their school since they also had classes for kids.  I have watched your show for many years and always enjoy it. I learn something new with every painting.  Love it!
    Dick Ford, Jan-18-2016, Aurora,Ohio, United States
 I'm new to your web site - But I love your show and watch it 2-times a weekThank You, Dick Ford
Thank you!
    Laura Banks, Jan-11-2016, Ontario, Canada
I love to paint but I would like to paint well!.  I joined YSO and have learned a lot.  I am trying to get to a class in Oklahoma for some instruction this year.  Your instruction, videos and books are wonderful!  Thank you for taking time to help those of us that love the feel of a paint brush in our hand even though we aren't great.
    Dennis Irwin, Jan-09-2016, , United States
I am starting painting again after several years.  I lost my wife in November to cancer and it is my hope that painting some of the many beautiful places we visited is a way to remember her and also the God we both serve.

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