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    JoAnne Waltenburg, Dec-12-2014, Greenville, SC, United States
I was glad your program returned to the local station this fall. Occasionally I will miss a program and wonder how you painted a certain area. I was wondering if it would be possible to capture the progress of a painting in, say  30 seconds or less on each show as a help to those of us who missed a part.  I know your time is limited on air, but I think a recap would be a unique addition and would probably not be too difficult to make from previous shows.     Thanks   JoAnne
    Midge McLean, Dec-02-2014, Jonesborough, TN, United States
I'm SO GLAD you are back on the local PBS Create Station!!  I'm just a beginning painter and LOVE your instruction!

    cathy smith, Nov-23-2014, bladenboro nc, United States
I am so very blessed to be able to study with the wonderful paints and brushes and instructional matter. I have been teaching myself to paint for about 48 years with any paint that I could get and it was always the cheep kind and it has been so frustrating. I have been able to paint landscapes and people say I do real good, but they don't know what I have had to go through just to do what  I love to do, but your paints and brushes and other materials have opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for making these paints available and affordable. God Bless You, my friend in Christ.
    John Schweier, Nov-23-2014, Waterford Michigan, United States
Just wanted to tell you that I watch you program at 5:30 am here on Sunday's and I enjoy it so very much.I paint in acrylic  and am a self taught painter. Most of my are of scenic and that's why i enjoy yours.May God Bless you for all your teachings. thanks John Schweier
    Mark, Nov-19-2014, Scranton, United States
Hi Jerry, this is Mark from Scranton again. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching you paint the cityscape. As you said, it was something different for you to do and I agree. I'm going to have to paint my own cityscape sometime, which I have thought of, just haven't worked it in yet. You mentioned adding stars to your painting, and I would add some. Actually, I was thinking of doing a cityscape of Scranton with a fireworks display. Again, great subject matter for a painting and you did a nice job on the painting, loved watching it come together! Thanks for your inspirations

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