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    Victor Miller, Apr-09-2014, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
I must admit I was fooled by the psudo website for far too long.  I am glad I was able to find the legitament one.  Jerry has been an inspiration to me to continue my art now that i am retired.  His precise teachings have opened up a whole new world of painting for me that i had never conceived.  Thank you so much, Jerry Victor Miller
    julie shaw, Apr-03-2014, McHenry IL, United States
I love your shows will sign up again for the online school.  Was involved in something so I had to drop it.  I wish you could come to Illinois for a worshop.  WI, IN or MI would work too.  Keep up the great work.  I watch you all the time.  God Bless you
    Frank O., Apr-01-2014, Croydon, Pa., United States
I started watching you because of curiosity since you the acrylic medium was used. I have for a while been watching your show on Create TV and I have been learning quite a bit. I am looking for you to do a still life. I have been painting for awhile and getting answers to my questions that I could not get answers. I have been painting a couple of decades and I am self taught using my knowledge I have from photography as a guide. That with an artistic license to experiment in the acrylic medium. You are giving me answer to reach a higher level of competence. Thank you.
    Nancy, Apr-01-2014, Rockford, Illinois, United States
Hi Jerry,  I have been faithfully watching your program on Create TV every Monday and Friday for a year now.  You have taught me a lot.  I appreciate how well you explain what to do and why.  I am signing up for one of your workshops in your studio soon.  Nancy
    KB, Mar-31-2014, Oregon, United States
Just found this lovely show and absolutely love it.!!!! Mr.Yarnells style of teaching is so calming and enjoyable.. Thank you so much for a TV show so worth watching.!!!!!!

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