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    Richard Knapp, Apr-29-2016, Overland Park, KS, United States
Hello,  my name is Dick Knapp, my wife Gerry has been an on and off again painter for many years. A while ago she stopped painting. Thanks to you Jerry Yarnell, she started watching you watercolor videos and has now decided to try to follow your videos and seems as thought the spark may have been lit anew. I know she will not like me telling you this, but be that as it may. I want to thank you Jerry for your wonderful videos and classes you conduct.Thanks,  Dick K
    William Rayer, Apr-24-2016, Lorain, OH, United States
I've been a fan for years. Learning your techniques has opened a vast new arena for me. I claim I am a painter, but I learned all my skills from you and Bob Ross. Different techniques, but still inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of the world.
    Chuck Taylor, Apr-22-2016, Batavia, IL, United States
Thank you Jerry and Donna for all you did to make my visit rewarding.  It was great to have hands-on lessons because they add much more to what your TV lessons do.  With your inimitable help on techniques, my painting "Home for the Holidays" has generated several requests for "how much do you want for it?" Your critiques on the three paintings were great - I have upgraded two of them and am working on the third.  What a difference.  Thanks! - Chuck
    Joan Fields, Apr-19-2016, Cathedral City, CA, United States
Hi Jerry,Your talent and ability to teach are incredible.  I'm new to your site and TV shows.  A friend just gifted me with your acrylics starter set.  I have worked previously in oils, also pastels, watercolors, and colored pencils.  Looking forward to learning to handle acrylics for several reasons.  Thank you for sharing what you know and for making it look easy.
    Barbara Wyland, Apr-14-2016, FL, United States
Just wanted to thank you for sharing the talent God gave you with us. I've watched your program when you were painting with oils. I believe you were in Texas at the time. I can't remember, it's been awhile. I lost touch with your show, and now I'm able to get it on the Create channel thru my local PBS station. I've just started to get back into painting last year since I have become disabled and cannot work. Your show has been a major blessing to me because it has given me the tools and inspiration to break out the pallet again. I love painting Florida scenes since I have been born and raised here. The only problem I'm having is painting cabbage palm and cypress trees. Any suggestions you have  would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again, and God bless!

Thank you for your kind words!  We do have materials about fronds and trees on our website via DVD and/or Yarnell School Online.

God Bless you, Stay Inspired, and Keep Painting!

Jerry & Donna Yarnell

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